Here's What Happened To Mooncrest, The RPG From A Bunch Of Ex-BioWare Developers

Cast your minds back to 2015 using, perhaps, some time-travelling cerebral fishing rod and recall the game Mooncrest, a to-be-crowdfunded RPG from a bunch of ex-BioWare devs. Sadly, the campaign didn't get over the line and so it was retooled into a tactical RPG. It went missing for a while, before resurfacing in 2017 as Rise of Mooncrest. So different was it from the original pitch, it's almost unrecognisable.

The significant change in direction for the game was well-covered by Hayley in 2016. Essentially, once the Kickstarter failed to hit its $US400,000 target, Mooncrest went from an RPG in the vein of Neverwinter Nights, to a top-down deal like Final Fantasy Tactics.

It also changed from a team effort to a solo project, piloted by Mass Effect Dragon Age and veteran, Rick Burton.

After some development, the game reappeared on Steam Greenlight as Rise of Mooncrest.

Image: KnightMayor / YouTube

Burton set up a second Kickstarter for Rise, which also failed, making only $US8092 of its $US35,000 target. After this, it looks like the game was abandoned, with the official website no longer online.

It's a shame Mooncrest never made it, but the reality is, making games — and funding them — is bloody hard.

Rise of Mooncrest [Steam]


    I remember the original kickstarter. The video showed so little of the idea behind the game and was painfully trying to look cool. That was the pitch I was interested in. But with Project Eternity and the new Wasteland games, I was basically set and Mooncrest, as cool as it could have been, was squandered.

    unfortunate as I'm interested just from that one screenshot.

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