How Much Have You Bought In The Steam Summer Sale?

How Much Have You Bought In The Steam Summer Sale?

After discovering how much I’ve already spent on my Steam account, I’ve done the unthinkable so far: I haven’t spent a single dollar on the latest Steam sale.


It’s not as if there haven’t been some viable deals. It just so happens that I’ve been dealing with a bevy of games lately — Vampyr, Jurassic World: Evolution and Mario Tennis on the Switch — that I haven’t had cause to look at anything fresh on Steam.

Games like Ori and the Blind Forest are a steal at $US10, though, and They Are Billions looks good. But with so much on my plate already, it’s been hard to justify even thinking about adding anything new to my library.

What about yourselves — bought anything new lately?


  • $0. They’re not deals. It doesn’t feel like a sale when I can get them cheaper from so many other sources.

  • Nothing, honestly got better prices on PC games in EB Games mid year sale. this “sale” is a joke to be honest.

  • I’m the same, haven’t bought anything at all.

    I recently sorted through my backlog of games and worked out that I still have 5 games on my list that I paid for, that I haven’t yet played. While I have many more games in my backlog that I acquired for free, I’m determined to not buy any new games until I’ve finished those 5 games I did pay for. I’ll then reward myself with a new purchase!

  • I have spent $0.

    I have plenty of games already that I want to play, and I generally only buy games now when I’m planning to start playing straight away (basically – new releases I’m excited about). Plus, I’m finding more and more that I prefer console gaming to PC gaming anyway.

  • A few discounted DLC items for Dead By Daylight and Total War: Warhammer 1 & 2… Which basically just equates to things I couldn’t find elsewhere for cheaper.

  • Ya, Life is Strange because I’ve never played it and it looks neat. I don’t have much of a problem with buying dozens of games that I never play, though. Sure, there have been some Early Access titles that didn’t pan out, but there’s never been a purchase I truly regretted.

  • The steam sales are worthless these days.

    Most of the prices during this “Sale” cant beat the prices they were during a steam sale 4+ years ago meanwhile the games are all 4 years older.

  • I grabbed Torment. I’d been playing it on the PS4, but it’s so much better on PC.

    Also a couple cheapo interesting indie titles. Some pigeon-poop dive-bombing thing in the most awful Engrish from Russian translation possible with a mildly amusing story that took ten meg to install and run as a diversion while I was waiting for other things to install. It cost like… a buck.

    I gifted the ‘Purrrfect Date’ cat-dating simulator.

  • in a fit of nostalgia I bought Enslaved: Odyssey to the West for $5USD
    I haven’t bought a game on Steam sale for a couple years previous though. My shame list is too long

  • $0

    I’ve got so much stuff to play as it is, and I’m sick of Steam not getting $AUD pricing in place after all these years. I tend to try to buy my games on GoG these days as much as possible.

    As others have pointed out, the “sale” is deceptive anyway – these Steam sales tend to only bring the price of games down to typical AUD pricing from other stores anyway, due to the price gouging done by listing Australian RRP but charging it with USD (ie, a game is $60 in Australia from any number of places, but is listed as $60 USD on Steam, which is closer to $80 AUD.. so a 30% off still only brings it into normal price range.).

    • I have bought a couple games (Prey and Wolfenstein Old Blood) the prices on them seemed pretty decent. Although, now I check on EB games Wolfenstein was cheaper by about $2 here. Prey was about half the price so overall it was cheaper on Steam.

      I was tempted to get Spellforce 3 but like you say the lack of AU dollars is frustrating. When I converted the price to AUD it’s not much cheaper than at GoG. It is cheaper, but not so much to be a bargain. It is however, a lot cheaper than at EB.

    • Yeah, this is why I’ve almost stopped with Steam. The prices are still in USD and are only good value if the exchange rate is favourable. The discounts aren’t as good these days.

  • I really don’t get this hate for Steam sales these days, yes the games might have been in a previous sale for cheaper, but so what? You should have bought it then!

    I plan on getting these:

    Assassin’s Creed Unity
    Rampage Knights
    99Vidas – The Game

    Which for AU$35 I really don’t think is bad.

    • Yeah I don’t get the hate either. There’s plenty of stuff that’s 75% off. Like Firewatch. And Rise of the Tomb Raider has not been cheaper, according to my calculations.

      Anyway, I spent $65.

  • $0 2018 steam still charging usd in aus. I have pretty much stopped buying games from steam period rather buy from origin, gog and Uplay. Gmg if I really want a game which pretty much always cheaper than steam even though it is in usd

    • Return it now, years on it still runs like shit on even the beefiest of pcs, and has a god damn memory leak if you start the game with a xbox one controller plugged in and that bug has never been fixed

      Its a disgustingly bad port

  • Nothing yet but I have a fair number in my cart. Just need to cut that down and decide on the final selection based on what my wife is feeling like.

  • My haul this sale is as follows:
    Bully: Scholarship edition
    Final Gantasy VII
    The Cat Lady
    Nosferatu: The Wrath of Malachi
    Scanner Sombre
    Beat Cop
    Danganronpa 2
    Never again
    Dark Dreams Don’t Die
    Emily is Away Too
    A three pack of the Rusty Lake games
    Red Haze
    Sorry, James
    Star Wars: Shadow of the Empire.

    All in all, 20 games for $103 AUS wasn’t too shabby

      • I finished Final Fantasy 8 two months ago after owning it in some way or another for twenty years. I loved the story, but the draw system didn’t click with me. I’m looking forward to seeing what all the fuss about 7 is.

  • $10 into my steam wallet cause the marketplace fucked up and decided to buy 20+ cards when i wanted to buy a few to finish a foil badge.

  • A couple of copies of insurgency for some friends. I can’t bring myself to buy a handful of games because I know they’ll just sit there until a later date. The sunk cost fallacy is preventing me from moving on from the pile of shame haha.
    While technically not a part of the sale I also pre-ordered overcooked 2 and Insurgency sandstorm.

  • $49 at present tho I’ll likely get more. I’ve spent more on the GOG one so far, which is surprising since I’ve mostly owned already what I’d be interested in

  • Only bought a couple of things – Forts and Rumu
    Agree that I have too many other games to play

  • Somewhat unprecedentedly, I haven’t bought a damn thing so far. Partly because most of my gaming is on my PS4 currently and partly because… there’s just not much that I’m compelled to buy. There’s none of the crazy good deals of past years that I’ve seen.

    There’s a non-zero chance I’ll pick up FF 15 though – that looks like a pretty good deal.

  • Nothing yet. I generally wait until the final days before deciding if I’m going to clear anything from my wishlist.

  • My brother very generously gifted me Pillars of Eternity II, which is enjoyable enough. I haven’t bought anything myself – I find myself having already bought all that I’m interested in

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