IKEA Wants To Scan Your Butt And 3D-Print You A Custom Gaming Chair

IKEA Wants To Scan Your Butt And 3D-Print You A Custom Gaming Chair
Image: UNYQ

You can buy pretty much everything else at IKEA, so why not a dedicated gaming chair? True to its super-designing roots, the Swedish multinational has employed the aid of UNYQ, a San Francisco-based “medical wearables” company, to create the “Ubik” — a customisable, 3D-printed stool for esports pros and the general public alike.

According to a story by Quartz’s Anne Quito, the idea is you’ll be able to walk into a store, have your body scanned and IKEA will print a Ubik (pictured above), customised to your specifications.

Once seated in your 3D-printed cheek holder, you’ll be jungling, spawn camping and uh, AFKing with the best of them.

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For the Ubik, ergonomics and comfort were prioritised — this is where UNYQ comes into the equation. The company specialises in orthotics and prosthetics and apparently, once handed the idea, nailed the prototype in nine weeks.

The thing is, there are no plans for the Ubik to be an IKEA staple, rather it’ll be “available for a limited time” come 2020. Unsurprisingly, given it’s two years out, there’s no word on pricing or if Australia will be included in the fun.

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UNYQ partners with IKEA and Area Academy for the gaming community [UNYQ, via Quartz]


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