It's Hideo Kojima Dressed As Norman Reedus In Death Stranding

To help promote Death Stranding at E3, Kojima Productions had a life-size figure of star Norman Reedus made up, then dressed as he appears in the game's trailer. If you're wondering about the scale of that figure, it's 1:1 Hideo Kojima-sized.

Here's the figure itself, with a detail shot of its Madame Tussauds-arse face:

Photos: Hideo Kojima

Kojima says the actual figure and hard props were made in the US, while the clothing was made in Japan before being shipped off for E3. Which obviously gave him the chance to engage in a spot of impromptu Death Stranding cosplay:

Photos: Hideo Kojima

Cool suit! In case you still need help with the scale, here it is next to a Tim Rogers:

If you missed Death Stranding's big showing at Sony's E3 press conference, it's still looking weird as hell.

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