Japanese Soccer Player Wanted To Become A Super Saiyan

Japanese national team member Yuto Nagatomo recently unveiled his new hairdo. "I want to help out the time so I turned into a Super Saiyan," he wrote on Instagram.

Screenshot: Nagatomo (Instagram)

Nagatomo added that just with his hair, he could get his teammates to laugh.

Here is what Nagatomo looked like before.

He also said that the hairstyle doesn't look good on him and all that really matters are the on-field results.

"I wanted to be a Super Saiyan, but I ended up a super gorilla," joked Nagatomo, who has previously compared himself to an ape.

Nagatomo is apparently a big Dragon Ball fan.

I dunno, I think it looks fine on him!

Japan is looking at a rough World Cup schedule, which might explain why Nagatomo is trying to lighten the mood.


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