Jump Force Brings Goku, Naruto, And More Together For A Giant Battle

Jump Force Brings Goku, Naruto, And More Together For A Giant Battle

Bandai Namco has announced Jump Force, a new game that mashes up characters from Shonen Jump manga, like Dragon Ball, Naruto, and One Piece. It’s coming in 2019.

While it was tough from the trailer to figure out the exact genre, the game’s tagline “Unite To Fight” makes it seem like it’s more of a players-against-enemies brawler than a versus fighting game.


      • Actually Goku should be the best person to defeat Light, considering that his real name isn’t Goku, unless Vegeta lets the cat out of the bag…

        • Saying Light has any chance against any of them at all is hilarious. In case you’ve forgotten, the Death Note requires both the first and last name to be put in, plus the death, otherwise it doesn’t work. And the only consequence of not putting in a specific death is a heart attack. It takes roughly 10 seconds to write that in.

          Now since most of you people seem to forget it, basically the entire cast of Dragonball can move at multiple times the speed of light, and has been proven time and time again. How fast can light move? Well faster than Light can. Canonnically, Goku himself would be able to solo everyone who’s appeared in the trailer, except Freeza depending on which era Goku and Freeza are displayed in.

          • Yeah but Goku is extremely dumb, Light could easily stall him and write his name in, Goku wouldn’t even know what Light’s ability is before he dies, hell all Light would need to do is go “i have this awesome power if you let me write your real name in my notebook” and Goku would think its a challenge and let him do it.

        • That raises an interesting question about what happens during fusion. Would you need to use the individual names or the fusion name?

    • That’d be interesting – a 30 second round where if Light survives the other guy is KO’ed.

    • Actually, the Death Note only works on humans. Any strong Dragon Ball character is safe!

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