Kickstarter MMO Is Absolutely Not Pokemon

Given that the proper online Pokemon we really want can't show up for at least another year, here's Temtem.

The basic idea of Temtem, which will come as absolutely no surprise, is capturing and taming the wild Temtem that occupy the islands of the Airborne Archipelago. It's a Kickstarter campaign by the same team responsible for Immortal Redneck, a roguelite FPS.

"Defeat the ever-annoying Clan Belsoto and end its plot to rule over the Archipelago, beat all eight Dojo Leaders, and become the ultimate Temtem tamer," the Kickstarter description reads.

Temtem, however, might run into more trouble. Watch the trailer below, and see if you can pinpoint exactly where Nintendo might have a problem with it:

I mean ... come on. I would adore the living hell out of an actual, proper Pokemon-style MMO. People have been begging for one for years. And parts of Temtem look fantastic, especially the co-op support and the pick-and-ban system for competitive matches:

The game's been in development for six years supposedly, although the Kickstarter's only asking for $92,559 with a tentative launch date of September 2019. I'd be surprised if Nintendo lets things get that far, given how they've responded to fan games in the past. Those games have directly used or referenced Nintendo IP, however, so fingers crossed that developers Crema don't end up burning cash on legal rigmarole.

You can check out the full campaign here, and there's a listing up on Steam as well. Part of me hopes this gets over the line without a scratch, but Nintendo are very quick to protect their assets and brands.


    Nintendo don't own genres, they can make a Pokemon clone if they use original artwork/sounds/names/programming can they not?

      True but still a big risk stepping up to Nintendo with so many similar game mechanics with very little innovation and say "we did our own artwork". Why an island, why the same nefarious and inept gang of pokemon thieves, why the same 8 gym leaders... enough to challenge to say a lick of paint doesnt hide the blatant copying. (Which is the same complaint pubg has in fortnite)

      That said its way better than most fan projects that get taken down by using the direct IP protected assets. Ie Metroidvanias are a genre, but if you make one with Samus in it your toast and wasting your time.

        There doesn't need to be innovation. As long as you are not using someone else's IP you are fine.

        Every single game that has been shut down has been using IP. If you make it yourself and change the IP you are fine.

          As long as your not using someones IP is not a hard line here. The lack of innovation is a concern cause it is enough to invite scutiny and a legal challenge if Nintendo dares too. Nintendo doesnt have to win they just juggernaut challenge it and tie this with legal proceedings until one party goes bankrupt first (and it wont be Nintendo). Its also the same week they announced 2 new pokemon games and a third in development and a few weeks shy of E3.

          I heard PUBG booth at E3 is just going to be a tesm of lawyers serving cease and decease orders to any developer that says Battle Royale.

          That said I always thought past failed fan projects should of all developed their own art and released quietly as an Indie title... then patched a "fan made" mod to install the IP art would apply less risk.

            PUBG need to tread carefully. Remember King and trying to own 'Saga' and the huge backlash? Any examples of copy games with original assets taken down? I've only ever seen ones actually using Sonic of Mario etc getting a C&D.

      Yes, that's what I'm thinking, but you can be assured there's a Nintendo/Game Freak lawyer with a pair of tweezers going through every frame of this trailer as we speak.

      If one asset is a recycle, that'll be it.

      Um... somewhat. There's also issues over the look and feel of certain elements. As subjective as it is, it's still something that can be sued over. There are way too many similarities in the style to Pokemon (The evolution, the pose of that trainer in the battle, the general "Beat the 8 dojo leaders") that I'd say Nintendo/GameFreak would have a really good case of saying that Temtem's design elements infringe on the design elements of Pokemon. Because while you can't copyright game mechanics, you can copyright design elements. Having a slightly different visual style doesn't mean they're not just ripping a lot of other design straight from Pokemon for the explicit purpose of being as similar to Pokemon as possible

        Look and fee is a really interesting case, so it would probably have to go to trial for that. I remember looking at a case study about this in Uni, Quattro Pro (wikipedia has summary of lawsuit). Apple and Samsung also had a similar lawsuit which went the other way probably because it was held close to Apple HQ.

    Seeing this made me want to go back and play Jade Cocoon 2. I wish that was a made into a new MMO.

      Dude, same! With games like Jade Coccoon and Monster Rancher around, it's a mystery to me why the devs would feel the need to imitate the Pokemon franchise so closely? You can make a great monster catching game without riding the competition THIS closely. X.x

        I guess it's just because it's the "big one", yeah?

    I think Nintendo/Pokemon Company might be asking them to change the evolution and trainer encounter animations but other than that it seems fine. As Darren said, you can't own a genre so there's nothing wrong with a game similar to Pokemon.

      Is that something you can ask to be changed, like if an animation is similar / same

      I'm genuinely curious because every so often I'll read those crazy stories about patent trolls having patents that sounds so general that I'm surprised a patent was even granted

        I'm certainly not a lawyer so I wouldn't really know but I'd think if certain animations are too similar Nintendo/Pokemon could raise the issue as copyright infringement the same as any other stolen/copied art asset.

        I don't know how you can draw the line though between an animation being 'copied' rather than something that just happens to be similar though. Digimon games have got away with very similar evolving animations for years so obviously there is a way (or Nintendo don't care about single animations).

    I will never trust a Kickstarted MMO, those things cost a lot of money so this will either be super undeveloped, is a scam, or is not truly an MMO.

      I tend to just not trust any Kickstarter project and MMOs seem even more risky. This seems reasonably far along though so hopefully it does succeed, looks great IMO.

        i think my issue is that it really looks like the "MMO" part is just that you can see other players while you are playing, and fight and trade with them, and that's it, that's not an MMO, if it was promising MMO functions like cooperative raids, World events etc make it feel like an MMO i'd be interested but way more sceptical due to the difficulty of pulling that off. This is just Pokemon with other people on the map, i'd rather just play Pokemon to be honest.

        The best thing it's got going for it over Pokemon is being able to play coop through the story, but Lets Go Pikachu/Eevee just announced coop so i'd rather stick with what i know i like.

        I'll gladly eat crow if the game comes out and it's good, and it embraces the MMO side more, and i'm not going to chastise people for backing the game just because it doesn't appeal to me.

    "I want to achieve the most
    Like no one has before
    To obtain them is my challenge
    To teach them in the lore

    I will move around the world
    Looking for them all
    Teach Temtem to understand
    That they can be so much more

    Temtem! Gotta get them all
    It's me and you
    I know it's what I have to do
    Temtem! You're my closest pal
    In a place that needs us all

    Temtem! Gotta get them all
    A will of steel
    Our strength will help us heal
    You'll guide me and I'll guide you
    Gotta get them all, gotta get them all


    I'm not sorry.

      I pick you Thesaurustem!

      Maybe word replace all the use of the word Them (and maube They) with Tem...

      Gotta get Tem all.

    Looks pretty good, definitely not gonna back it but if it actually comes out to buy ill probably give it a shot. More excited for this than lets go pikachu (too much like pokemon go)
    Also is the part nintendo will be looking closer at that lion looking pokemon towards the end in the top left of the competitive battle?

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