Kojima's Death Stranding Gets Weirder Every Damn Time We See It

The new Death Stranding trailer picks right back up where it left off with Norman Reedus's foetus, but I still have so many questions.

This new trailer for Death Stranding shows off some truly beautiful environments, is set to a melancholy indie song, and yes, Norman Reedus gets naked.

We have learned one new piece of information in this one: Reedus plays a deliveryman of some sort, and we're watching him cart packages across the map, until he is suddenly interrupted by some kind of invisible creature that's stalking him.

We're also introduced to a new character played by Lea Sydoux, who has a truly incredible jacket. It has retractable spikes!

Unfortunately, that's the end of things making sense. If you want to know the part of this trailer where I said "what the fuck?" out loud, it's when Norman Reedus uses his foetus as a weird lamp.

Could some of this be gameplay? Sure, maybe. Are we any closer to knowing what this game is about? No. Am I still fascinated by the performance art that Hideo Kojima makes people watch every year? Yes. And thank God for that.


    God I'm excited for this game. I like that it confuses me and makes me feel uncomfortable and wierd.

    You know, they could just release new footage every year and I might be as happy with that as I would be the game.

    This game is going to awesome. It's another Kojima sneaking mission!

    Were people legit confused by this? For me it answered many of the questions I've had since the game came out, and made it much clearer as to how this is an actual game and not just a weird collection of CG shorts starring Norman Reedus.

    I feel like I understand Death Stranding more now than at any point in the past two years, and all my questions are of the 'how does it all tie together now?' variety rather than the 'what the hell is going on here?' variety.

      I agree.
      We now know there's time-bending stuff involved, we know that the gameplay involves hiking and stealth-avoiding invisible creatures while trying not to lose your packages, we know that the foetuses can be used as invisible-creature-detecting radar (which was hinted at in a previous trailer).
      Yeah, most of it still makes no sense, but you can see a form slowly coalescing out of the madness.

        Yeah, I think the question is slowly changing from 'what is this' to 'why is this'.

    This trailer just made the setting in this game even more intriguing for me. I cant wait for more.

    Im a fan of Kojima. MGS made me fall in love with gaming. But at this point its like he has a jar of his own farts that he keeps sniffing but wont let anyone else sniff.

    What is this game!?

    Post-Apocalyptic Postman Simulator?

    Please don't start your next title with the words "Kojima's Death", I almost had a heart attack!

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