Lumines Remastered Feels Better Than Ever On Switch

Lumines Remastered takes the puzzle game classic that debuted in 2004 and brings it into 2018 for pretty much every platform out there. What makes Lumines so fun to play is the way it remixes the puzzle format and introduces rhythm game elements.

Blocks are comprised of four squares in one of two colours, and they drop in different combinations. One block might be comprised of four orange squares, while another might have three orange blocks and one white one.

You need to create new blocks by matching squares that are of the same colour through rotating them and dropping them into place.

In order to erase the blocks you create, a bar glides across the screen, its speed set to whatever song is featured in a series of levels.

The more successful blocks you can create, the higher your score.

Squares will always sink to the bottom no matter what - even if one half stays on a ledge, the other splits off and sinks until it hits the bottom. So unlike Tetris, you're challenged to think not only vertically but horizontally and diagonally to create the right combinations in time.

It might sound complicated, but once it clicks, it's easy to sink a ton of time into the game.

I absolutely adore this game, and playing it on the Switch is a no-brainer. It's the perfect portable game. It's also available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam, so there's really no excuse to not at least experience its brilliance.

It's a game that I'll probably continue to play on whatever platform it lands on until I'm on my deathbed. In fact, on this week's episode of Viewpoints, it's one of the games I mention in our discussion of "forever games".

I sat down with fellow Tetsuya Mizuguchi stan Chris Person to play a couple rounds of Lumines complete with Trance Vibrator talk, me discussing my synesthesia (I can see sounds!), and the music of Mondo Grosso.


    why does no review or journalistic discussion comment on the lack of left thumbstick support when playing with the joycon. forcing player to use the dpad, while the left thumbstick sits there unusable for no reason.

      I really hope they patch this to allow use of the thumbstick!

      I was playing in single-joycon mode and honestly the analogue stick is even worse to use than the d-pad. I misplaced so many pieces with it because of how low the fast-movement threshold is.

      DPad is definitely a better way to play. Makes for fewer mistakes and much more control.

    I had a quick look at this game on PSP and didn't really get it, despite everyone raving about it. Tetris-likes and match-3's don't generally grab me. Still, maybe it's time to give it another go. Old age might have made my day-to-day life so unbearably boring by now that this seems like some form of release.

    I spent SO much of my time in Lumines on the 360. After a long devastating day at work, Lumines helped relax you while getting you into a strange zen focus. No other game would focus me while chilling me out like that. So many good memories. Didn't know a new version was on the Xbone...

    While yes the portability and HD rumble of the Switch version is a big plus (despite it feeling my Pro controller is going to explode any minute), there's some oddly long load times and some lag during some skins and these issues were not present on the PSP.

    It does feel like they smoothed out the difficulty a little better from the 360 version though.

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