Man And His Anime Hug Pillow Graduate From University

Graduating from school is a big moment in any student's or hug pillow's life.

GIF: Media Vision

While this is making the rounds on Japanese websites, it was originally spotted by Twitter user Amanojaku Respecter, who was watching the Cal Poly Pomona commencement:

Let's see how this all went down.

GIF: Media Vision

The two make their entrance.

GIF: Media Vision

Both are congratulated for completing their respective degrees.

GIF: Media Vision

Handshakes and smiles all around. Well done you two!

Nico-Nico-Nii loves you all.


    OK, but he could have commissioned a cover where the girl was wearing graduate robes too. I feel that would have been next level.

    The modern world is a very confusing place.

    Buzzkill incoming: It has been suggested on the reddit, that this may well have been a dare.

    Considering there are people who carry their 'real dolls' around and ask people to refer to them as a real human, this isn't really anything.

    I'm sure some are triggered by the fact he's carrying "her" around in a chokehold.

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