Marvel Can't Stop Doing Weird Crossovers With The DC Universe

Outside of that one incredible moment in the '90s in which their universes were literally smushed together, DC and Marvel usually keep their houses in order and well away from each other. But recently, Marvel has been making some sneaky little trips into the reality of its fellow comics publisher.

Lockjaw, Annihilus and D-Man (turned into a half-dragon-man) fighting mid-air. You know, same old same old. Image: Carlos Villa, Roberto Poggi, Chris O'Halloran and Clayton Cowles (Marvel Comics)

A couple of months ago, Infinity Countdown Prime gave us a cheeky cameo of none other than DC hero Shazam - identified in context by his original moniker of Captain Marvel - as the wielder of his reality's version of the Reality Stone. But now two of DC's heaviest hitters have made a similar appearance in the pages of this week's Lockjaw #4.

Lockjaw - by Daniel Kibblesmith, Carlos Villa, Roberto Poggi, Chris O'Halloran and Clayton Cowles - has seen the titular pup on a quest to find his fellow giant doggy-siblings with Z-List Marvel hero D-Man at his side.

This week's issue was the climax of Lockjaw's quest, as he uncovered the origins of how his siblings went missing in the first place, and strove to hunt down the final member of his family... who, it turns out, had been captured by none other than longtime Fantastic Four foe Annihilus.

Annihilus seems like a bad pet owner. Image: Carlos Villa, Roberto Poggi, Chris O'Halloran and Clayton Cowles (Marvel Comics)

Annihilus intends to use the the poor pooch's genetic ability to teleport, offering a way for him to send whole worlds into the path of his annihilation waves, and naturally Lockjaw wants none of that. So our canine hero leaps into action (alongside a D-Man who gets transformed into a Dragon-Man by his inhaler, as one does) to combat Annihilus in a teleporting battle across the whole multiverse.

Their scrap takes them everywhere from the Negative Zone to the World Between Worlds (the current location of the soon-returning Fantastic Four), from the recently-reborn Ultimate Marvel Universe to Duckworld, Howard the Duck's original reality.

But then it takes them to the most dangerous part of the multiverse imaginable: The dreaded "[REDACTED]".

Honestly, which is weirder: Superman and Wonder Woman in a Marvel comic or a fidget spinner reference in this, the year of our Lord 2018? Image: Carlos Villa, Roberto Poggi, Chris O'Halloran and Clayton Cowles (Marvel Comics)

That realm looks, of course, very familiar, and features some uncannily dressed heroes who are not too pleased at Lockjaw and Annihilus' intrusion.

It's all very cute - but we started with a mere arm of Shazam, and now we have the lower halves of Wonder Woman and Superman in the pages of Marvel Comics. How much longer until someone from DC makes a full-on appearance somewhere?


    The real question you should be asking is why is superman wearing his cape the wrong way around?

      Very unlikely but maybe it is a really windy day? Over the side or top? :P

    Wait a sec...

    Is that Mortal Kombat's Scorpion (sans mask) in the last panel?

      It's the Ghost Rider from the very first prehistoric Avenger's team

    Eh. Marvel have a long history of including DC's characters/universe in their books.

    Apart from the official crossover books like Superman vs Spider-Man or Batman vs Punisher, as well as the DC/Marvel Amalgam series' and things like the unofficial Aquaman/Sub-Mariner crossover, there's been a lot of "appearances" by DC characters in Marvel stories.

    Clark Kent, especially, has a habit of popping up in Marvel stories going as far back as X-Men #98 in 1976.

    And then there's others, like the speedster "Buried Alien" who first appeared in Quasar #17 back in 1990.

    Also, FYI, both Marvel's & DC's universes are considered to be part of the omniverse:

      And it's not just Marvel and DC who do it, tons of little cameos appear in other companies (Image, Valiant, etc) especially when they do big events and throw a heap of heroes onto a page. When you consider that a lot of the writers and artists have worked for multiple companies it's really not surprising.

      I think when it's done in good spirit it's a fun idea.

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