Meeting The Architect Behind Resident Evil’s Deadly Real Estate Explains So Much

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There’s an old joke in pen-and-paper RPGs where one has to question the architectural madness of the Big Bad’s castle, bunker or underwater cloud fortress (don’t ask). Why is that trap there? Does every door require a puzzle to open? How does Dr Evil’s dinner guests get to the bathroom without impaling themselves on the tapestries?

Video games are no different… in particular, the various mansions and facilities of the Resident Evil series.

This five-minute video from Mashed does a good job of covering the various, uh, oddities of Umbrella’s real estate, where a Vincent Price-esque villain is blamed for the high mortality rate of the corporation’s employees.

As you might expect, it manages to cram in a few of the franchise’s classic — and unintended — comedy moments, including a meme-worthy appearance from the master of the accidental double-entendre, Barry Burton.

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I missed out on playing the original remake of Resident Evil on GameCube. Those were some of my saddest teenage years. Eventually though, I found myself in possession of a Wii and thanks to its backwards-compatibility feature, I finally got to play it in 2009. Not ashamed to say I enjoyed ever drop.

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Resident Evil: WORST ARCHITECT EVER [YouTube]


  • Lol, I love that his eyes don’t always blink at the same time.

    The first RE kinda made sense for most of it, the mansion was a testing ground so it was designed to trap and herd the occupants about while distracting from the idea there was a research lab below your feet.
    But by RE2 it’s a bit hard not to wonder what the hell was up with that bloody police station, sure felt like this madman did the renovations.

      • Makes sense, after learning more about the lore in later games, particularly the founding families, I told myself that much of that stuff was made and built before Umbrella, so these rich old bastards built the labs etc in old secret family infrastructure.

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