Melbourne's Being Considered For An Overwatch League Team

Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Australia's had a pretty good record as far as Overwatch nations go, but our representation in Overwatch's biggest league: one player, one coach. That could be set to change, however, with a new report suggesting that Blizzard is investigating Melbourne as a potential location for its next season.

Sources have told Seamus Bryne (former Kotaku managing editor and publisher) at the AFR that Melbourne is being considered for the second Overwatch League season. Blizzard wouldn't confirm Melbourne outright, although OWL commissioner Nate Nanzer did specify that Australia was under consideration.

"If somebody wants to have a conversation with us about Melbourne, we would definitely have the conversation and be very interested," Nanzer is quoted as saying.

The major sticking point for an Australian expansion, however, is cost. Franchises reportedly shelled out at least $US15 million to get a spot, with franchise fees for the larger US cities like New York supposedly hitting $US20 million.

The attractiveness of Melbourne follows the state's investment into video games for several years, which has recently included support for the growing esports scene. The Melbourne Esports Open was announced by Tourism and Major Events Minister John Eren recently, running annually every September.

"It’s expected to generate up to $25 million for the Victorian economy over five years, supporting jobs and boosting local businesses," the Victorian Premier's website said.

The release also claimed Victoria had around 560,000 fans of esports in the state, with the esports open aiming for a crowd of 20,000 for its inaugural event.


    Which Melbourne Being is being considered?

    Last edited 14/06/18 8:54 am

      Not a team, the city. So how there's Shanghai Dragons, for instance, a Melbourne team would be part of the second season.

      Note that doesn't mean any Australians would be a part of the team, but we'd have a presence.

        Your apostrophe use in the article title "Melbourne's Being" implies Melbourne's ownership of a "Being".

          The team would be a Melbourne branded entity if it goes through, so there would be a degree of ownership

            OK that makes sense.
            I misunderstood, I it read as an incorrectly shortened form of
            "Melbourne is Being Considered For An Overwatch League Team"
            when you meant it as
            "Melbourne's [the location of the team] Being [the name of the team Melbourne owns] Considered For An Overwatch League Team."

            Last edited 14/06/18 3:37 pm

          I think you will find that is being used as a contraction, so it's "Melbourne is..".

    Awaiting Moderation. Bah.

    Last edited 14/06/18 10:41 am

    If an Aussie team did end up in Season 2 of OWL that'd make for quite the quandary for Custa!

    Does he stay with the Valiant where he's fit in quite nicely and helped the team to the top of their division, or does he come home to the Aussie team?

      If it were me, I'd stay with Valiant who are doing awesome... Melbourne would always be here if he decides to come back, King Custa <3

      Maybe we could get the traditional Aussie Green and Gold colour scheme back with him.

    I'm an Outlaws fan right now but if a Melbourne team joins OWL I think I'll be given a concession to jump ship. I already have some league tokens in the bank ready to purchase a skin, so I'll hold onto them until they announce the new teams

      I'll still lol at Shanghai and want them to win like, a game, but Melbourne all the way too

        I was definitely hoping for a win from Shanghai in Stage 4. It was a new stage, new hero added to the selection pool to change up the meta, but we're in week 5 now. They've got 1 more game to play and at this point I'd be upset if Shock lost to them on Sunday, because they'd forever be known as the team to lose to Shanghai. The addition of a the rumoured 6 teams to join in season 2 should grant them a win.... hopefully

          Playing Shanghai has gone from "lol here's a free win" to "we HAVE to win, can you imagine if we were the first team to lose to them"

    I think the real question is what do we call ourselves? I think we've gotta roll with the Post Apocalyptic/Mad Max/Fallout typed thing that OW has going for Australia.

    I guess the War Boys might not work out if they had anyone who wasn't a boy.

    Melbourne Juggers, as a nod to a slightly less well remembered Aus Post Apocalyptic film?

      My friends and I have been thinking they'd be the Melbourne Redback's. Spider logo with a solid black and red accent skins for the heroes


    I mean ... *ahem* ... good. This is good.

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