New Swedish Robot Game Sure Looks Like Simon Stålenhag's Art

Generation Zero is the next game from Just Cause developers Avalanche Studios, and its setting will look familiar to anyone who is down with the sci-fi work of Simon Stålenhag.

He's an artist who has made a name for himself with haunting images of a retro Swedish countryside dotted with alien robots, and we've featured him a few times on Kotaku.

Keep that in mind, then, when you watch this trailer for Generation Zero, a game set in the 1980s about robots invading Sweden:

It's coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One in 2019.

Note that despite the obvious similarities (and the fact Avalanche is also based in Sweden) the game is just very inspired by his work, and not actually using it, going by what Stålenhag himself said earlier today:


    This looks like my jam. Hopefully it will be a good game. Avalanche have been a little bit hit-and-miss but I think they did well with Mad Max and the Just Cause series. If this game is in the vein of those games, but with giant robots and 80s fashion, I'm on board!

      I'm playing Mad Max atm and in surprised how much I'm enjoying it.
      It's not GOTY but I like open world games where I'm just upgrading something and I would live something similar with a mech.

    I feel the same. They did a great job building the world and customising the magnum opus was actually really satisfying. Missions just got repetitive after a while so hopefully they work on that.

    Man Avalanche is doing a fuck load of things, this, Just Cause 4 and Rage2

    Anyone else get a Stranger Things vibe from the music? Or just me?

      Watched the trailer just because of your comment because I love the Stranger Things soundtrack. Given the shared 80s setting I guess this trailer was going for that same synthesiser nostalgia but pales in comparison. The Thor: Ragnarok soundtrack is another good one.

    Hmmm ‘inspired by’ sure does look like ‘stealing the IP of’ Simon Stålenhag. That is way too close to universe he has built over the past years.

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