Nintendo's E3 Booth Is Full Of Amazing Smash Bros. Props

Nintendo's E3 2018 booth is mostly full of increasingly-sweaty attendees playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but it's also home to a veritable museum of real-life custom props drawn from Smash, and therefore from the company's rich history of games.

Kotaku EIC Stephen Totilo is on the show floor, and couldn't help but snap a bunch of photos of the coolest-looking props to show you all. Here's what's up, starting with that hammer up there. That isn't a Donkey Kong hammer, it's a Kirby hammer! Quite different.

The Splattershot, in real life.

Here's everyone's favourite punching bag. Please nobody try to punch it.

I was not really excited about any of these until I saw the Hogan's Alley tin can, property of the Duck Hunt duo in Smash.

Here's Fox McCloud's blaster and visor, from Star Fox. (And now from Starlink: Battle For Atlas, too.)

Finally, here's the god damned Monado, from Xenoblade.

I hope Nintendo has tight security around all of these, is all I'm saying.


    Totally should have had a punchable bag in the corner.

    Praise Kirby's famous hammer. I love Kirby's hammer it's absolutely smashing. The Splatoon Splattershot get your swimming filled up and splattered in colourful ink. I love Fox McCloud's Blaster and Visor. Do a barrel roll! Finally I like Shulk's Monado. I pass my Monado soul on to you Nintendo.

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