Not Teen Titans, Queen Titans

Cosplayer Oh My Sophii wanted to try something a bit different with her Raven outfit, and so instead of just straight copying the character's appearance from the TV show and comics went with a more regal tone.

With original plans to draw up a "high fashion" Raven, Sophii's sketches eventually led her towards a "Queen Raven" look instead, which she then made and had shot by Sam Pho.


    Never understood this fascination with giving the finger to the camera... just seems very Edgelordy to me?
    Otherwise, meh, finding it kinda average?

      Most of the time when i see it on facebook its usually young males who are doing it in some vain attempt to look tough or hard. Id further describe the stereotype of the kind of person who pulls the middle finger in photos but it might offend some people.

        I see an even split of males and females myself but it does seem a younger thing. I'm sure the stereotype is probably accurate lol

      Often seen on the way into and / or out of a court appearance.

    Has anyone else found they just downloaded 100MB worth of photos opening this page? I can never tell if it's my browser or Kotaku's web code that keeps breaking the thumbnails.

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