Overwatch Cosplay Puts The Guns Down For A Second

Cosplay by Team Paraluna | Photo by Jeroen Weimar

Team Paraluna are a pair of cosplayers from the Netherlands who are responsible for these terrific Overwatch costumes.

There's so much detail here. Witch Mercy's garments are airbrushed to look worn, while her book was hand-made with actual pages (it's not just a block). Dragon Symmetra, meanwhile, has a hand-made bodysuit matched with make-up work and one hell of a hairpiece to replicate the skin's...skin.

You can see more of Team Paraluna's cosplay work at their Facebook page, while all photos below were taken by Jeroen Weimar.


    What a fantastic cos play. Wholesome. Innocent. Bold. Daring. It breaks new ground!

    That Dragon Symmetra skin is **outstanding**. Cracking attention to detail.

    Really? Deleting my comment because it points out the hypocrisy of posting these articles after having a tantrum about Soul Calibur’s Ivy?

      If the mods don't like what you say you get censored. I did last week as well.

      Its almost as if Kotaku is made up of different writers with different opinions that counter each other.

      Noooo. That couldnt be possible. Kotaku is just a singular entity right?

      This article is written by a completely different person to the one who wrote the article you are refrencing. The only hypocrisy is the imaginary one in your mind. Had Cecilia also written this article then you could make a claim of hypocrisy.

      Your comment was more than likely deleted because it was trying to stir up shit were it wasnt warranted.

        Different opinions on Kotaku? You either echo the group think or you live in moderation purgatory.

          1. My comment was about authors. Not the comment section.
          2. You are just proving my point. Your comment has nothing to do with the original point. And you are yet again just trying to stir shit up.

    The level of detail there is mind-boggling. They've done a brilliant job.

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