Overwatch Fans Are Swooning Over Symmetra's New Voice Lines

Symmetra's rework has been blowing Overwatch players' minds. For some fans, their favourite part is her new voice lines.

Today, numerous changes to Symmetra went live on PTR, including her new ultimate. This attack will create an enormous shield that cuts across the map, lasts for 15 seconds, and has 5000 HP. It's totally wild. Check out this video of YouTuber Unit Lost Gaming having a very calm reaction to the scale of this thing:

You might also notice that Symmetra says something new in Hindi when she generates that wall:

This is Symmetra's new voice line that players hear when she ults. Anjali Bihmani, Symmetra's voice actress, has provided a helpful translation: "This is the ultimate reality." The opposing team will hear the line as "Reality bends to my will" in English.

Hearing Symmetra's new voice lines has been giving people their lives, myself included. While I love hearing Symmetra speak Hindi, "Reality bends to my will" is an incredibly baller thing to say.





    Stylosa just makes me smile. His enthusiasm is always so cute. The balance team of Overwatch however, no longer make me smile. Brigette while an amazing and interesting design, is so flawed. There is literally nothing you can do as a squishy if she gets you in a corner and completely owns you by merely spamming 'swing', no skill needed. Their new Hanzo is just frankly ridiculous on every level (if even a widow pro like Soon is constantly getting owned by his too-fast main attack, what hope do the rest have, and watching some of this gameplay it is certainly looking just as bad.

    Wait, so the article claims she says the line in Hindi, but the opposing team hears it in English?
    Isn't that the very opposite of every other non-English ult-line in the game?

    So is it Reality bends to my will, or this is the ultimate reality.

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