The Internet Reacts To The New Symmetra

The Internet Reacts To The New Symmetra

If you try to open up Overwatch today, you’ll have to download a patch. The Symmetra rework from support to DPS is now live, and boy oh boy does the internet have opinions about it.

The Symmetra changes have been in the works for a while, and if you missed the chatter the changes are substantial. Firstly, her ultimate is now a barrier with 5000 HP that lasts 15 seconds and can “cut through an entire map”, according to the patch notes:

As for her teleporter, that only lasts 10 seconds. But it’s an ability press, and it can teleport projectiles — like D.Va’s bomb or Junkrat’s riptire:

And if you think that’s a nightmare in practice — it 1000% is.

She’s also a super handy option for teams without a huge range of vertical movement, since her teleporter can be placed up to 25 metres away. And did I mention that her primary beam now has a 10 metre range and the damage ramp goes up to a maximum of 180 damage a second when fully charged?

Her movement is a lot more dynamic now, and the changes with the teleport mean she can get into some incredibly annoying positions — or out of them:

The teleport change alone makes achievement farming a little easier, too:

But not everyone loves the change, especially Symmetra mains of old. Enter stage right this YouTuber, singing Celine Dion to highlights of Symmetra 2.0.


  • Symmetra 3.0 is the new playmaker. She disrupts the game with teleport now in so many ways that your team now needs to be aware about what heroes are in the enemy team, and how they can appear behind you to interrupt/stun or wipe your team

  • I have little to no faith left in the balancing team. The new Hanzo was the final stray for me… the reason why he was being looked at was because his snipes (especially on console) were ludicrous, and his scatter arrow was simply unfair on so many levels. So what did we get his rubbish snipes are even faster (to a point are they even projectiles anymore?) He is deadly at long range, medium and close distance and he has an even move powerful movement ability.

    The problem with all the new characters and reworks is that they are all so much more powerful and complex than so many of the originals. Especially to ‘simple’ characters like Tracer and Genji, in terms of how many type of actions/passive options they do.

    • Yeah, they could have done something to replace scatter like a single arrow that bounces off surfaces and pierces enemies, doing more damage per enemy pierced.

      That would’ve been in keeping with Hanzo’s “simple geometry” schtick and not been a lazy, boring rapid fire.

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