Panic Buying In Osaka After Yesterday's Earthquake

Yesterday morning, Osaka was rocked by a 6.1-magnitude earthquake. There have been at least three casualties, including a nine-year-old girl who was killed while walking to school, and according to The Guardian, hundreds of people were injured in the quake.

Photo: Ashcraft (Kotaku) Below are clips of Osaka and Kyoto when the earthquake hit.

In Osaka Prefecture and neighbouring Hyogo, over 170,000 households were without power.

Some local supermarkets were closed. The ones that were still open experienced the effects of panic buying, no doubt with many worried about aftershocks or a bigger earthquake.

Photo: Ashcraft (Kotaku)

Screenshot: Ashcraft (Kotaku)

Screenshot: Ashcraft (Kotaku)

Bread, instant ramen, microwavable food and water were being snapped up. In many of the areas hardest hit, the shelves were bare. Other types of food, thankfully, and things such as tea still appeared to be widely available at supermarkets and convenience stores.

"We may have to consider the possibility of even greater earthquakes following, as happened in the quakes in Kumamoto," Shinji Toda, an earthquake geology professor at Tohoku University, told Kyodo (via The Guardian).

That isn't comforting.


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