Please Don't Kill Hammond, Overwatch's New Hero

Image: Blizzard

Hammond, Overwatch's newest hero, can be killed just like everyone else. But while it looks like he simply disappears in the blast as his mech explodes, the reality is more horrifying.

Please don't kill Hammond.

Overwatch's Latest Hero Is Wrecking Ball, A Hamster In A Mech

It looks as though Overwatch's newest hero might be who - but not what - we thought. Fans speculated that the first-person shooter's 28th hero could be Hammond, a monkey companion to the genetically-engineered gorilla Winston.

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    Man, Richard Gere's gonna get seriously triggered if he sees that...

    I keep seeing all these articles with Hammond in the title and for some reason i keep thinking Richard Hammond and get all excited >

    Now I want to kill him just to see how far I can make the little shit fly

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