Poor Waluigi, Nintendo Is So Cruel

Poor Waluigi, Nintendo Is So Cruel
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It’s Saturday. E3 is over. Yet, I still cannot stop thinking about how Nintendo treats Waluigi.

Image: Nintendo

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was announced with the tagline “Everyone Is Here”. Kotaku previously posted how the internet reacted, but the sentiment that continues to linger is that Waluigi has been wronged. Again.

Now, Waluigi is in the game, but as an assist and that is so sad.

Just listen to how people are taking that!

Waluigi deserves better than this, Nintendo!

But Nintendo keeps disrespecting him. It’s so cruel.

Perhaps there is a better reason for this.

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And finally…


  • I hope that snubbing him so thoroughly was to make it more exciting when he’s eventually revealed.

    Like if he’s never shown at all, then a day one update makes him the first character to be unlocked.

  • Here’s my pitch for a Waluigi game (he needs to be marketed better): Waluigi’s Manson.
    It’s like Luigi’s Mansion except you actually break into a Toad mansion, murder the residents and turn them into Boos that push Luigi back.

  • Never mind about Waluigi, DK had about 100 relatives sitting around doing nothing why aren’t they in Smash!

  • Fuck you none of the above I want really want Waluigi to be playable in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and this is how you treat us Nintendo?!

  • It’s already got Captain Falcon, do we need another nobody just because of a stupid meme?

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