Redout Devs Announce Tactical Dogfighting Space Shooter

The last time I played Redout, I was just supremely happy that I was wrong about modern remakes of the F-Zero / Wipeout formula. Now, developers 34BigThings have announced that they'll be taking their talent for ship design into a new arena: space shooters.

Scheduled tentatively for the first quarter of next year, Redout: Space Assault (RSA) is pitched as a space dogfighter with the speed and manoeuvring from Redout. "Each pilot can potentially turn the tide of battle. Dock your fighter to the larger Corvettes and take control of them: decide how to upgrade and repair their subsystems and move them on the battlefield," the game description reads.

RSA will have a story campaign alongside multiplayer, although the Steam page stresses that RSA was "born as a multiplayer experience". A short teaser was released below, offering a snippet of the aesthetic rather than any gameplay.

Given that one of the Redout DLCs late last year was a series of tracks set in space, I'm glad 34BigThings are just going ahead with an entirely new space game. Hell, anything that can recreate the final battle from Freelancer works for me. To find out more, head over to the Steam page here.


    ...and everything was Star Citizen / SQ42...

      ... and taking bets Bethesda will complete Starfield before SC goes gold with 1.0

    If its anything like Redout, it will be amazing.

      Bingo. Redout is awesome. These guys know what they are doing!!!

    I always thought if I made a Space game I'd have the ships work like Russian dolls, the smaller ships dock into the bigger ship and becomes the control interface. Glad to see somebody with more talent doing my idea.

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