Remember, The Witcher's Ciri Has Probably Been To Cyberpunk 2077

Anyone who has played the Witcher 3 will know that there's a passage in the game where...

...characters visit other worlds. While Geralt had to tread around an alien desert, Ciri got to go somewhere much cooler.

It was basically accepted as fact by fans (including Kotaku's Kirk Hamilton) back in 2015 (remember, Cyberpunk was first announced in 2012) that the "houses of glass" and "flying ships" Ciri mentions were referencing the world of Cyberpunk.

Tolkfan remembered this, and this week overlaid her chat with Geralt atop footage from the game, mostly taken from the new E3 trailer. It's an almost perfect fit.

Video: Tolkfan


    I remembered, I've been curious if we might see her or at least find reference.

    Might be cool if she runs through a big firefight and takes out a few people in between portals, might be a little forced though.
    Maybe they will leave it as an readable Easter egg about a teleporting stranger with a sword.

      I'm just hoping for the sound of one of her portals opening and closing during a mission nothing more. Your readable one is good as well.

    I really don't need any Witcher shit in a Cyberpunk game unless it is an easter egg hidden away from the actual game. Like, we know CDPR made The Witcher. We don't have to have those characters and junk in completely unrelated properties.

      Looks like someone got the bad ending in TW3.

        I got the nice roving retirement with Ciri. I don't know why people are downvoting and blocking my ability to post for wanting Cyberpunk to be it's own thing.

          Probably more so the way you wrote it. You called it "Witcher shit" and "Characters and Junk", comes off as a bit hostile towards the game in general.

            I just speak informally. I like the witcher, but I also played Cyberpunk 2020 a lot as a kid. I don't really like fan service or whatever, I find it grating.

          People aren't blocking your ability to post anything, Kotaku and there shit comment voting system is, people are down voting because they don't agree with your post not because there trying to silence you.

          Voting on comments and reporting on comments needs to change, or if a comment gets down voted slot it needs an actual human to decide if the poster goes into moderation hell or not.

            I agree I have complained about this before.

      But they are related. It's completely up to CD Projekt Red as to how much. It's their I.P

        Yeah that's fine, I can still hope or what things. I truust everything about the game, I just don't want it stuffed to the gills with references to their old property, especially since they're not making a reskin of the witcher, this is it's own game and own world. I'm tired of properties going on forever and ever without end.

    Well in the books, she ends up in modern times when shes travelling with the Unicorn through all the different dimensions.
    So its entirely possible but also fanboying!

    Phew. Watching that brought back memories of my play though... Wonderful stuff.

    During the Rooster Teeth coverage of Cyberpunk, Adam mentions that the wardrobe had shadows depicting weapons, one of which was a katana...maybe possible Witcher swords as an Easter Egg?

      Katana ain't a Witcher weapon, would be cool if you were right though.

        Agreed, but I was alluding to bladed melee weapons. in my saying katana, I was just reciting RT's Adam.

    That was probably the best fan made trailer I've ever seen, fits perfectly.

    The 'people had metal in their heads' comment was a fairly ovbious reference when I heard it.

    Would love to see a little Witcher 3 easter egg in CP2077! Nothing wrong with Studios dropping in little bits of other IP, Ubisoft do it all the time and fans love it. If you love CDPR's games then you'll love that they drop an easter egg. It doesn't "tarnish" your precious Cyberpunk world.

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