Respawn’s Star Wars Game Is Called Jedi: Fallen Order

Respawn’s Star Wars Game Is Called Jedi: Fallen Order

Respawn Entertainment, the studio behind the awesome Titanfall 2, shared details on their upcoming Star Wars project today at the EA Play press conference. It will be called Jedi: Fallen Order and take place during the time between Episode III and A New Hope.

Speaking at the EA Play conference, Respawn CEO Vice Zampella finally gave more details on the studios’ Star Wars game. Players will get to use a lightsaber, presumably playing as a Jedi hero.

It will take place during the “Dark Times,” which is the period where Darth Vader and the Empire hunted down the rest of the Jedi Order.

There was no trailer or screenshots but Zampella did say that the game was currently slotted for a holiday 2019 release.


    • Sith Inquisitor: The RPG – Hunt down Jedi as a low-tier Inquisitor, starting with hunting for Jedi Babies, and then moving on to Jedi Toddlers as a mid-tier Inquisitor while dealing with inept bureaucracy, cannon fodder that can’t shoot straight, Worst Boss Ever, Geriatric Clones, Hera and the rest of the crew of the Ghost.

      Then get to High-tier Inquisitor level and get killed by either Ahsoka or Vader (Worst Boss Ever).

      I’d honestly prefer that to Galen “OP” Starkiller. (Or anything else that reminds me of FU2)

    • No that can’t be it.
      Its not multiplayer online “games as a service”, so that can’t be an EA game.

    • 100% This.

      There have been a lot of great Star Wars games in the past but in my opinion The Force Unleashed series wasn’t one of them. However, Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy were hands down my favourite Star Wars games. Dark Forces is a close third.

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