Rise Of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' Riff On The Classic Cartoon Theme Is Pretty Fun

If you're still off put by the stylistic choices going into the latest iteration of the heroes in a half shell, the fact that the beloved theme song of the classic cartoon is getting a fast-paced modern remix for the new show is probably not going to assuage your concerns. But the more snippets we see of this show in action, the more we're intrigued.

The turtles race into action in Rise's opening titles. GIF: Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Nick)

Nickelodeon revealed the show's opening titles on social media today, giving us our first taste of the new theme - well, new twist on the old theme, really - but also a little more of the Turtles in action.

And really, that's what led to the designs growing on me when the first trailer for Rise dropped a few months ago: In action, these turtles have some seriously cool swagger.

It remains to be seen if the less action-packed scenes are still as stilted as they were in the first trailer, compared to the action seen in the opening. But still - it's different, sure, but Rise has a really fun and kinetic sense of style.


    Not the worst I've heard, but it's way too 'busy' listening to it?

    Then again it's not aimed at my generation as the focal core, so who gives a shit what I think :)

    They took the 2012 opening and somehow made it even worse!

    eh, its not bad. Could have been much worse. Won't say anything for the show, it gets rebooted enough times were if its bad, give it like 3-5 years and there will be another. I myself consider the 2003 series to be the best (and that theme was a great theme).

    Show looks alright and the theme, not bad.

    It's got some nice dynamic animation going on. Should make for some great fight scenes if nothing else.

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