Nice work Razor; yesterday's game was indeed Mario Party. Not Super Mario Party, but the style is consistent across the MP series.

Can you guess today's game?

Good luck!


    Is that an eyeball with a time? I have no idea

      A key with a time on it? Some kind of puzzle game I've never played probably :(

    Hell, it's about time I won one of these things.

    Here's a desperate guess: Animal Crossing?

    Hotel dusk, Room 512? It seems familiar and they had weird puzzles

      I would DIE if I could draw anything as remotely good as ... everything in that game.

        I didn't attempt it myself for the same reason! =P

    The Witcher 3? Reminds me of that time of day thingo attached to the mini-map.

      You're good at this!

        Ha ha thanks, for this one it does kind of help that I've spent nearly 300 hours in the game :) Though you did kind of throw me a bit by not including the weather part on the scribble.

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