Some Fans Aren't Feeling Resident Evil 2's Remake Faces 

Capcom is remaking Resident Evil 2. Originally released on the PlayStation in 1998, the remake will feature new character models. Meaning? Of course, the characters are going to look slightly different. Some fans are feeling the new designs, while others are not.

While nearly everyone seemed thrilled about the RE2 remake announcement, for some, the new character models might take some getting used to. Others like them just fine thank you very much.

Granted, Capcom's recent track record with faces hasn't been great, but these new takes on Leon and Claire certainly don't look bad. They're just slightly different!

Via Twitter and YouTube, here are some of the reactions.

"With the RE2 remake, Claire's face has changed quite a bit. The first RE I played was RE2."

"A RE2 remake was announced, but what's up with Leon and Claire...?"

"Isn't Claire's face way different in-game and on the poster?"

"RE2 remake Leon and Claire. Who the heck are these? lol"


    Leon looks a little young, but its still okay. Clare looks like she's 16, the facial shape is just all wrong on that one.

    They just look like people. A bit young looking, but it kind of works. As for not looking like they used to, they were basically just generic anime/Japanese dead or alive plastic dolls with haircuts in the old ones, no great loss

      I thought they had pretty well defined features as characters. We all know its because they mocapped actors rather than animating it by hand which is the issue here, but its thrown out of whack the character linkage.

    Quality article - 10/10. Would read walls of untranslated Japanese text in JPG format again

      Have you tried clicking the "Translate tweet" pixels of the jpeg?

      not all, but most of them have the translations below the image in japanese.

      Last edited 13/06/18 11:50 pm

    Holy shit, you could shape diamonds with Leon's chins.

    As someone that played the original RE2 past death to the point I was doing 1 hour speedruns on autopilot back in the day... Leon I don't mind, but there is something seriously off about Claire. Its not as much of a headspin as Ali Larter as Claire, but its getting there. (The ingame videos definitely looks much better than the poster)

    "I wish they'd change back the faces and voices."

    "I want the old camera angles"

    If you don't want any changes why not just play the old game?

      She still looked like Clare all the way up to Revelations 2, which was released, what, 3 years ago.

      No one is upset about the game being remade, but the facial issues all come down to Capcom using mocapped actors rather than animating and modelling by hand.

    I don't know why but Claire in the trailer remind me of Clea DuVall
    I liked Leon

    Claire looks like some Western Sydney pub-slut who is on the KFC diet and auditions for Big Brother.

    I had an easier time adjusting to the new look than Nero in DMC5. It's different but I'll get used to it.

    PS mate how good is RE2make looking?! Roll on January.

    "Fans" of franchises suck. They take ownership of a beloved franchise, and then they hammer the creators when something is made that they don't even like, even when said "something made" is a Goddamn teaser/reveal. Change won't make everyone happy, but change is important and necessary, because without change, developers (and people in general) would stagnate and get bored. That's exactly why Resident Evil 4 was made the way it was.

    I like the look of Leon and Clair. Sure, they both look quite young but in the events of Resident Evil 2 (in the year 1998), they're supposed to be young. Leon's a rookie police officer in his first day on the job. I will admit, Clair does look a little odd when compared to Leon.

    Despite Clair's odd appearance when compared to Leon, the pair actually look like believable, realistic humans. Normally, Leon and Clair (especially Leon) look liked overly dolled up anime characters turned CGI, especially Leon, the Bishōnen ("Bishi") incarnate.

    I think modernizing the game with the third person, over the shoulder camera was a wise decision too. If the game reverted to static camera angles (and God forbid, the classic control scheme), I think that would be a massive step backwards.

    To tell you the truth, this is the Resident Evil 2 remake I was hoping would happen. I can't wait to play this game.

    The only thing that's irked me so far is the voice actor change. Rest of it is fine if you ask me.

    These "fans" aren't helping the game. Just be thankful it's getting made at all.

    Make the main enemies in TLOU2 "fans" imo.

    I like the way they've changed young Leon. Claire, not so much. She looks cherubic, I guess. Which is fine, it's just not how any version of Claire has ever looked.

    Mary Elizabeth Winstead's face would have been a nice jumping off point for Claire. Like Ellen Page for Ellie in the Last of Us... before they got caught for stealing her face.

    I think that particular Render of Claire looks off, but every other shot of her in game looks great so i'm happy with it.

    But i think they nailed Leon, he looks young and scared, and his dialogue in the demo they showed was exactly what i wanted, i was worried they would want to appeal to Resi 4 fans and make Leon more of a badass like he was in that game, but in the Demo it showed they clearly understand that Resi 2 Leon is basically a kid who on his first day of work goes into the worst situation of his life very unprepared.

    very excited for this, and hoping that a fixed camera mode is an extra bonus.

    I personallly think these “fans” should cease being so effing pedantic.

    I am more excited about this release than anything else.
    I honestly thought this was stuck in development hell:
    This is the best news ever!!!!

    I'm just glad Capcom hasn't pandered to the cancerous SJW keyboard warriors yet.

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