Sonic The Hedgehog May Face His Greatest Foe Yet: Jim Carrey

Sonic The Hedgehog May Face His Greatest Foe Yet: Jim Carrey

Sonic the Hedgehog, a live-action/CG hybrid based on the popular video game series, is racing its way to theatres everywhere, especially now that it has a villain.

Jim Carrey on the Showtime show Kidding. Photo: Showtime

Deadline reports none other than Jim Carrey is in talks to play the evil Robotnik in the film, which will be distributed by Paramount Pictures. Carrey will join James Marsden and Tika Sumpter, who have already been cast by director Jeff Fowler. Sonic will be a CG character.

Once one of the biggest stars in the world, Carrey has kept a relatively low profile movie-wise in recent years. He was in Kick-Ass 2 five years ago, a Dumb and Dumber sequel a year after that, and has popped up in a few smaller movies and TV shows.

The Batman Forever and The Mask star hasn’t done a huge effects film such as this in almost a decade. We’re very curious what it is about this character, this script and this story that brought him back.

In the games, Robotnik, also called Doctor Eggman, is a plump villain who builds all kinds of robots and gadgets on his quest to take over the world. Only a speedy blue hedgehog with a nose for gold coins is able to take him down.

Sonic the Hedgehog does not yet have a release date.



  • I see it working pretty well. He was great as the Grinch so I don’t see an issue with him as Robotnik.
    Only thing I hope is that they not refer to him as the fully retarded “Eggman” moniker.

  • Whenever I see Jim Carrey I get sad, imagine being someone so synonymous with 90s comedy movies and then to just sort of fizzle away in the early 2000s.

    • Carrey’s career may not have reached the heights of his early stuff, but it was better for it. Jim Carrey has proven himself to be an intelligent, thoughtful and philosophical man, aspects we may not have gotten to see if he’d done nothing but Mask and Ace Ventura sequels. He went on to do Man in the Moon, Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind and The Truman Show, all brilliant movies. He is a talented artist, insightful speaker, and continues to support the arts with a number of thoughtful projects. He’s the EP on the new show I’m Dying Up Here, which is awesome. And he still regularly does high profile kids movies and voice overs. I’m glad his career evolved passed his early shtick.

      • It is not about wanting him to be a one note actor, more like the quality of his parts after the early 2000s. Like his manager just softballed him whatever he could get rather than taking better titles. Most of the titles you list are 90s, so it doesn’t really do much to alleviate my feelings of sadness.

        • The Majestic, Fun with Dick and Jane and #23 were mid 2000’s I believe. Highly recommend 23!

        • I’m not sure it was his manager? I don’t have anything to back it up, but it seems to me like Jim wanted to move away from his slapstick comedic roles into more serious parts, and audiences had difficulty accepting that transition. Hence why you see less big comedy roles and more either thoughtful or childlike parts.

      • im Carrey has proven himself to be an intelligent, thoughtful and philosophical man

        Sort of…

        He’s also an anti-vaxxer and a conspiracy nut. As much as I like the guy, he’s done some insanely stupid stuff over the years, despite being insanely talented.

        • I did know about these, uh… faux pas? He’s a weird dude, with some weird ideas. But greatness often goes hand in hand with craziness, and he still has a lot of good stuff to say. But yes… he’s also a little off-base. 🙂

          • He’s definitely one of the greatest of all time comedians 🙂 And like you said, a lot of the greatest were often the weirdest 🙂

        • I didn’t mind it the first few times I saw it, but then I got right into ‘researching’ Andy Kaufman. It was only then, upon going back and rewatching it, that I discovered how truly magnificent Carrey’s performance was in that movie.

  • So far this is the only news to get me excited for this film idea. I’m really interested to see what he’d do with the character.

  • Since he is a method actor I wonder if he runs around his own home pretending to be Robotnik? Still a great actor nonetheless and I worry that he will be another Heath ledger or Robin Williams

  • Only a speedy blue hedgehog with a nose for gold coins is able to take him down.

    I’m guessing somebody never played Sonic than, it was all about collecting Rings.

    Not the point I guess, just one of those weird things that stick in my mind having woken up at 1:30am and not being able to get back to sleep.

  • I watched that “Jim and Andy” doco on Netflix and it just outlined to me why Jim Carey is not amazing. It was a story of a man going all “method” at the expense of everyone else around him. And then lauding himself about it via interview segments filmed 20 years later.
    The clips of his old stand up we’re particularly painful to watch. He’s not the talent we thought he was, and being an anti-vaxer just seals the deal of why you should pay attention to other actors.
    His role in “The Bad Batch” was good though. Probably because he had no lines.

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