Sony Is Developing A Movie Starring Korean-American Hero Cindy Moon, Aka Silk

The Spider-Man heroine. Not, y'know, the fabric. The Wrap, which are confirmed by Variety, Sony is working on a movie starring Silk, the Korean-American heroine Cindy Moon, an ally of Spider-Man's with a similar powerset. The film, as of yet, has no director, writers, or actors have been announced, but Amy Pascal has been attached to produce.

Silk, aka Cindy Moon.

Cindy Moon, created by Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos, was a classmate of Peter Parker's who was there when Peter got bit by the radioactive spider that changed his life. Only, in this version of the story, it also bit Cindy, who developed powers much like Peter's, alongside a much stronger version of the Spider-Sense and organic web shooters.

In the comic storyline, Silk was sequestered by Ezekiel for many years to protect her from an evil spider god before being released, getting a cool costume, and becoming a mainline hero and a regular part of Spider-Man's world. It's a bit complicated.

But it's also cool! If this happens, Cindy, who was played by Tiffany Espensen in a brief appearance during Spider-Man: Homecoming, would be the first Korean-American superhero to hit the big screen, and one of the only leading heroines in the super film business.

Not to mention that Silk is great, with an amazing costume design and a cool power set that differentiates her from Spider-Man while also keeping her connected to his world.

If this movie reaches fruition, it will join Venom and Into the Spider-Verse as part of Sony's expanded Spider-movie staple. Maybe, with this in development, she's one of the Spiders we'll get a peek at in Into the Spider-Verse? We can hope.

[The Wrap, Variety]


    Korean/American? This will be white washed to just an American Actress..

    If this movie reaches fruition, it will join Venom and Into the Spider-Verse as part of Sony's expanded Spider-movie staple.

    At this point, it'll be part of the 'Venomverse' as Marvels Infinity War directors, the Russo Brothers stated that Venom is categorically not part of the MCU. It's a strange move by Sony, but hey, who knows what'll happen in future. All I know is that video where Feige subtly freaks out visually while Amy Pascall tries to say otherwise and claims it's 'an adjunct to the MCU' is bloody hilarious.

      It's a shameless greedy as f**k move to try and cash in on the success of Marvel's Spiderman. Like it actually makes me sick how pathetic Sony is being with the Spiderman franchise now.

      And that video you're referring to is hilarious. And also shows the lack of respect and understanding Sony have towards the MCU for her to come out and make a claim like that. Surprise he didn't interject and just go - yeah no that's not the case at all.

        You're mad a business wants to make more money.

          Nah a business making money I can get behind.

          Sony were losing so much money on their movies and they agreed to partner up with Marvel (refusing to sell the rights of Spiderman back to them) and for the first time in a while had a huge block buster with Homecoming.

          So they're now trying to do their own sneaky side movies that have nothing to do with the Marvel universe but are lying about the movies and saying they do have a connection? Yeah that I have a problem with. And Marvel obviously have a problem with it as well, hence why they came out and denied there is any connection and will never be a connection.

            Home Coming was crap to be honest. Didnt like how Flash was an intelligent bully, how they changed the school to a science school.

            Amazing Spiderman 1 and 2 are the best for me.

              I didn't mind *parts* of Homecoming, but Flash bullying Parker? Gtfo. Parker was physically stronger, more intelligent, more popular... he was everything Flash wasn't and wanted to be. I don't give two shits they race-swapped Flash, what I do care is they status swapped him. Flash should've been strength over intelligence, he should've been what he was in Raimis, a meathead who tried to pick on Parker. Here, was just a goddamn zero. Nothing more.

              That said, I didn't personally think much of ASM2, didn't mind part 1 though. I think for me though, Peak Spiderman was Raimi's parts 1 and 2.

              Let's never, ever talk of part 3...

    Wow that opening paragraph was hard to read. Actually I'm not sure it even makes any sense, did anyone proofread this? Someone needs to confiscate that comma key.

      “The Wrap article, which was confirmed by Variety, reported that a Sony is working on a movie starring Silk, the Korean-American heroine Cindy Moon: an ally of Spider-Man's with a similar powerset. Currently, there have been no announcements regarding the project’s director, writers, or actors, but Amy Pascal has been attached to produce.”

    Cindy Moon is spider-man except better at both spider-sense and has organic shooters. bitten by the same spider after Peter so you have to wonder why that'd be the case other than Marvel wanting a new spider-person and giving them more powers than Peter because they can't just stand on their own. they have to upstage the original despite them being a thing in the first place entirely depended on Peter being popular.

    A lot of these Spider-people linked to Peter just feel wrong.

    Cindy Moon is cool and all but it'd be REALLY cool to make Sharon Rogers and Luna Snow a real thing within the official Marvel spectrum!

    Never heard of Silk. What's her downside? Psychotic Rage? Kleptomania? Performance Anxiety?

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