Star Fox Will Appear In Ubisoft's Space Game Starlink

Fox McCloud will appear in Ubisoft's toy-based space flight action-adventure game Starlink: Battle For Atlas, the company said today. Exclusively on the game's Nintendo Switch version, of course.

In the game, to be released October 16 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Switch, you build a modular spacecraft, attach it to your controller, then take it into in-game dogfights.

In the Switch version, you'll have a physical version of Fox's iconic Arwing ship. Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot brought up Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto during the press conference on Monday to present the Star Fox creator with a prototype of the Arwing toy.

Miyamoto had originally wanted to release an Arwing Amiibo with Star Fox Zero, but had to scrap those plans.

Now he's got his Arwing toy after all!


    Geez it's painful being a Starfox fan. All we want is a tight on-rails shooter. We get half-hearted remakes and reissues of Starfox 64 which of itself is a remake of Starfox (SNES). We get Starfox patched into other games where he doesn't belong.

      Don't worry, there is rumored to be a Star Fox racing game coming up next!

        NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! That's where franchises go to die! With the exception of Mario.

    I really like how Nintendo are letting Ubisoft use their IP.

    Oh my fucking god are you kidding me? I am excited for Star Fox's Fox McCloud appearing in Ubisoft Toronto's Starlink Battle for Atlas. Actually what's even more exciting is that Starlink Battle for Atlas which includes Fox McCloud as a Nintendo Switch exclusive is coming out on October 16th. So count me in Ubisoft Toronto I am ready for an out of this world Atlas battle against the Forgotten Legion.

      Why does this read like a fake Amazon review?

    Is Starlink related to the space game trailer hidden in Watch Dogs 2?

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