The Best Cosplay From ColossalCon, One Of The Biggest Shows Of The Year

ColossalCon was held earlier this month in Sandusky, Ohio, and it's easily one of the best cosplay shows of the year. Not only is it a regular con, but outside are some idyllic grasslands, and inside the resort is a pool.

A NSFW Cosplay Tribute To Shadow Of The Colossus

ColossalCon - one of the biggest cosplay shows of the year - just wrapped up in Sandusky, Ohio. And what better way to cosplay for a show called ColossalCon than by recreating the boss roster of Shadow of the Colossus.

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That means cosplayers are free to tackle massive projects such as the Shadow of the Colossus shoot we featured last week, but to also then hit the pool in custom costumes tailored just for the summer weather.

Mineralblu was there taking shots and video for us, and you can see some highlights below. First up is a video showcasing some of the best cosplay on display:

This is a lip-sync music video:

And here are the pics. You can see more at Mineralblu's Facebook page.

Cosplay by foxtail40

Cosplay by Oki-Cospi & Pyrofly

Cosplay by Meevers Desu Cosplay

Cosplay by Pyrofly

Cosplay by Minjee Kay Cosplay

Cosplay by arcanine_rawr

Cosplay by Rae Kay Cosplay

Cosplay by dhirst45

Cosplay by Kawaii Bro Cosplay & Caged Angel Cosplay

Cosplay by Arcanekani Cosplay

Cosplay by Jackie-chan Cosplay

Cosplay by Starbuxx

Cosplay by Spectra

Cosplay by Starbuxx

Cosplay by Rainydaysandtiramisu & _tempii

Cosplay by TayrexDanielle DeNicola

Cosplay by Shan Claw & Elfengamez

Cosplay by Luxlo Cosplay


    Chun Li cosplay image *drool*.

    I'd buy that for a dollar.

      It looks like he photoshopped her right arm though (repositioning the lower arm?).

    Is cosplay now just an excuse to show some skin?

      but to also then hit the pool in custom costumes tailored just for the summer weather.

      Do you go to the beach and say:

      "Why are all these people wearing bathers and showing skin! Are these people just using the beach as an excuse to show some skin!"

        It’s not just this, it’s cosplay in general. I mean, I’m no prude. I love to see some skin. But it gets old quick, when it’s all about showing tits and ass as opposed to the hard work required to make some of the costumes.

          Then recognise those kinds of people, Praise them.

          You get into dark territory when to start saying what kind of cosplay is and isnt allowed. Cosplay is about anyone being able to do it no matter the skill.

          As the saying goes, If you dont have something nice to say, Dont say it at all.

            When did I say it’s “not allowed”?

              go up to a cosplayer.

              Tell them they are showing too much skin

              How do you think they will take it?

                They will either get defensive and tell you to piss off
                They will be in shock, remember it, and decide that it's not worth cosplaying because that one time, someone said something negative, not critiquing, just mean.

                I get what you mean, a lot of cosplayers like to show skin. It's an easy way to get attention with less effort (or more, depending of their exercise regime!) but there's still a lot that don't show skin, they just don't get their photo taken as often =P

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