The Best Cosplay From Greater Austin Comic Con 2018

It's been a busy couple of months for Texas nerd shows, with A-Kon and Comicpalooza both going down, but that still left time and space for another, with the Greater Austin Comic Con being held in Cedar Park a couple of weeks ago.

Cosplay photographer Mineralblu was there taking shots and video of the best of it for Kotaku, which you can see below.

Cosplay by Artemis Wild

Cosplay by juviamelissa

Cosplay by BRuthcosplay

Cosplay by zenzen_devante& Sexychocolatey2k

Cosplay by Thecosplaydog

Cosplay by BRuthcosplay

Cosplay by oscar_fernandez1d6

Cosplay by DeeRich

Cosplay by Scarlett Wolf

Cosplay by Sherbert Cosplay

Cosplay by Austin Avengers

Cosplay by Austin Avengers

Cosplay by bradleyspeed

Cosplay by GBCosplay & Dick's Classic Garage

Cosplay by call_me_luu & acboonecat

Cosplay by bulldog_props

Cosplay by Spencer Doe

Cosplay by Thecosplaydog


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