The Best Cosplay From Comicpalooza 2018

Comicpalooza was held in Houston last week, with over 40,000 people turning up to meet, buy some stuff, see some panels and yes, partake in some cosplay.

All photos below are by Mineralblu.

Cosplay by llkittywittyll

Cosplay by littlebigadventures24

Cosplay by Egg Sisters

Cosplay by Becka Noel

Cosplay by Ynomrah Onamor

Cosplay by Owl & Coffee

Cosplay by Jihad Powell

Cosplay by theconfectionerd

Cosplay by Wilberth Ramirez

Cosplay by Unknown

Cosplay by Cecilia Bermudez

Cosplay by Ron Work

Cosplay by DeeRich

Cosplay by Thecosplaydog & Unknown

Cosplay by Methyl Ethyl

Cosplay by BritishPixie

Cosplay by The 501st Legion

Cosplay by The 501st Legion

Cosplay by Gopher

Cosplay by Nyvedna Productions & Magical Me Cosplay


    Kind of disappointed that of all the people with such well done, creative and self-made costumes, the one heading the article is a pretty blonde woman with an online-ordered morph suit.

      that drives me nuts, I love seeing the really well designed and constrcuted cosplays. sure the suits look good but the effort in the other ones is amazing

    Holy cow! That Undead Rogue and Gundam. Fantastic paintwork on them!

    Comicpalooza ... a wop-bam-boom!

    (the name of the event is a bit unwieldy, is what I'm saying)
    Cool rabbit costume though.

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