The Best Video Game Art Of 2018*

It's that time of year again, when the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) and the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences (AIAS) announce a range of pieces for their Into the Pixel exhibition, a collection of some of the best concept and promotional art in video games.

A total of 16 works have been chosen this year, with 15 traditional images being joined by a statue, which doesn't just make things interesting, but also means God of War gets two artworks into the exhibition.

The 15 images will all be auctioned off between June 12-16. Some of the judges involved in creating the selection include Blizzard's Seth Spaulding and Campo Santo's Jane Ng.

* - The criteria for selection for Into The Pixel is pretty loose... you'll notice some games that have been featured before (such as Persona 5) and others that aren't out yet (such as Spider-Man), but the general gist is that it celebrates games that have come out in the 12 months between shows.

You can see all 16 selections below.

AFTERPARTY | By Ruel Pascual, Bryant Cannon, Eric Romano, Claire Chen & Beverly Chen


DAYS GONE | By Joel Mandish

DESTINY 2 | By Tyler Bartley

FAR: LONE SAILS | By Don Schmocker

GHOST OF TSUSHIMA | By Romain Jouandeau

GOD OF WAR | By Rafael Grassetti

GOD OF WAR | By Luke Berliner

GWENT | By Anna Podedworna

HOMO MACHINA | By Oliver Bonhomme

KNIGHTS & BIKES | By Rex Crowle

LONE ECHO | By Anthony Sixto

SPIDER-MAN | By Dennis Chan



UNCHARTED: THE LOST LEGACY | By Todd Foster, Rogelio Olguin, Brian Recktenwald, Christophe Desse, Matt Radford, Iki Ikram, Mark Shoaf & Boon Cotter


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