The Division 2 Is Set In Washington, DC

The Division is getting a sequel, set in a new city, and in a new season. The new game is coming March 15th, 2019 for XBox One, Playstation 4 and PC.

There will be more information at Ubisoft's press conference tomorrow, but we got a look at an atmospheric trailer today during Microsoft's briefing:

We also got a look at some gameplay via this very scripted walkthrough. A group of three players fight through some enemies, stumble upon Air Force One, and take back Capital Hill. Honestly, looks incredibly dope.


    I like the idea of Washington - its a much more varied environment than the endless skyscrapers of New York.

      It's true, but I really did love the setting of the first, it may have been simple but they nailed the atmosphere.
      (Though I mostly played it solo)

      Still liking the new city.

    Hopefully they retain the lessons of the first game. No ridiculous bullet spones during the story line.

    to be fair D1 E3 stuff also looked dope... and look how the game turned out

    that said it is way better now then before but it took them a while to get there so...

    I was kinda hoping for tokyo, but that may have been too similar to new york i guess.
    Pretty excited for this, only bought the first one after those massive updates, so hopefully they'll start from a position that good this time instead of getting there a year later.
    Also melbourne totally would have been a cool city to do it in too.

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