The Donkey Kong Expansion For Mario + Rabbids Is Tricky And Apparently Very Long

Donkey Kong can throw allies and enemies around, making for some interesting new tactics in the expansion to the Mario +Rabbids Switch crossover coming out near the end of the month. I played it and have footage of an early level for you all to watch.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle players are going to have ample time to try Donkey Kong’s moves, as a developer on the game told Kotaku that the expansion is eight hours long and even longer if you’re a completionist. (There’s always a chance the developers are being hyperbolic, but this one said the main game takes 20 hours, which is what’s also on

In the video, you’ll see Donkey Kong’s throw move used right away. You’ll also see his multi-enemy boomerang attack and the new Rabbid Cranky’s ability to put enemies to sleep by telling them boring stories.

The expansion, which is called Donkey Kong Adventure, will be released on June 26. Season pass owners get it a day earlier.


  • Sure the Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle Donkey Kong Adventure DLC is tricky and very long but I’m still looking forward it. So what else are you going to say Kotaku?

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