The Internet Reacts To Bonkers Anime Crossover Game, Jump Force

Ever wanted to see Goku fight Naruto? Most of the internet does, and after seeing the Jump Force trailer, they can't stop freaking out about it.

The upcoming game Jump Force is a cross over fighting game featuring some of the most iconic characters from boy's manga magazine Shonen Jump. In this announcement trailer, we got to see Goku from Dragon Ball Z, Luffy from One Piece, Naruto from Naruto and even Light Yagami and Ryuk from Death Note. It is wild.

Unsurprisingly, anime fans all over the internet have lost their minds. I can't blame them. Like, what in the hell is Light gonna do in this game? Write people to death?


    I cant wait to see what other characters they include. I just hope they arent all locked behind microtransactions.

    My biggest hope is some characters from the Bleach universe

      So far we've seen two characters in each setting. If that's how they're doing it, Ichigo would be a given, but who would the the other? Kenpachi would be cool, if a bit boring. Aizen? Seems a bit too obvious. Yoruichi could be fun.

    Really glad they decided to stick with regular SSJ rather than Blue.

    Is Berserk Shonen because Guts would be dope in this.

      Berserk is Seinen, not Shonen. More mature themed stuff

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