The Internet Reacts To Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is bringing back everyone - literally everyone - from every Smash game, and the internet is losing their damn minds over this.

Since Smash was teased for the Switch, I'd been saying it was definitely just going to be a port. Oh past-Gita of little faith, how wrong you were. Not only is this a new game, this is basically non-stop fanservice. They have even finally put Ridley in Smash, which players such as our Maddy Myers have wanted for years:

Other Smash fans are psyched as hell for this upcoming game, even if apparently Mario gets stabbed in the head in it:


There's only one faction of Nintendo fans that are disappointed right now - Animal Crossing fans.


    I am hyped for smash, but I am disappointed that there is no new animal crossing

    I second gudetama to be in smash, unable to move, unable to deal or take damage

    Wow how long did this shitty article take to put together?

    Do you guys have a minimum amount of twitter posts required before you press publish?

      I feel weird and dirty defending Kotaku, but it is a "internet reacts" article....

    Still hoping that assist trophy is an epic troll by Nintendo and he appears in the game. His reveal video could be him coming back for revenge after his assist was Ko'd.

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