The Internet Reacts To Those Unused Pokemon Designs

Nintendo recently announced two new Pokemon games coming to Switch later this year and one that's out now called Pokemon Quest. There's also a bigger Pokemon RPG coming in 2019.

The real news this week though is that there actually used to be a ton of weird and adorable Pokemon that were planned for Pokemon Gold and Silver which never made it into the final games, and if there's one thing the internet loves more than new Pokemon its super-pixelated old ones.

Screenshot: The Cutting Room Floor (ResetEra)

A ROM of a 1997 demo for what would become Pokemon Gold and Silver just got into the hands of the public after two decades. Included in it, among other things, were sprites for Pokemon that never ended up getting to see the light of day. Until now.

Some of these "beta" Pokemon are super cute, others are tragically monstrous. Almost all of them are baby forms of already beloved creatures such as Meowth and Tangela though, so people are understandably jacked that they exist.émon

Screenshot: Reddit


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