The Internet Reacts to Xbox's E3 2018 Conference

When you're in a theatre packed with awe-filled gaming fans at an E3 conference, it's easy to be swept away by it all. Especially when that conference is just giving you game after game after world premiere after exclusive after world premiere - over 50 games in total. And not one mention of TV or Sports.

As I sat there with Autumn leaves still falling on my shoulders, and the promise of Cyberpunk 2077 still buzzing in the air, I was left wondering - what did Twitter make of this?

There were those who clearly loved it.

People as pumped for Cyberpunk 2077 almost as much as me.


Minecraft devotees.

Those seriously trolled by Gears of War (yeah, we were too!)

And those who just weren't too impressed with it all.

The author travelled to E3 as a guest of Xbox.


    It was a marked improvement on previous Xbox conferences in that it was solely focused on games. However there weren't many games jumping out saying 'buy an Xbox'. It would've been great to see what the new studios were working on. As it is, the most interesting games for me were multi platform games like Metro and Dying Light 2. The exclusives were expected but if you want to play Halo or Gears, you already own an Xbox. I didn't see much that will convince people to go and buy a new console

      I do agree with one exception. Now that they have the Xbox one x console it will play all these games better than a ps4. So there's something there for the people that like that stuff.

    Also, you do know that the Kaz Hirai account is a parody account right? As in, nothing tweeted from there is to be taken seriously? And the tweet above that is for someone who works on Minecraft...owned by Microsoft...

      Speaking of Minecraft.... they haven't done much with that massively expensive acquisition have they? I know it still sells well but it's like they're willingly letting it fade into obscurity.

    There is one thing to highlight that I think some people are missing with the still 'meh' amount of exclusives. The X1X, with these big games coming out, still remains the absolute fastest place to play these games. If you're going into Cyberpunk for example, a 2x uplift of GPU power compared to a PS4 Pro is a compelling reason to be going with the Xbox for any of the games listed.

      I'll probably be playing it on the PC, but you're right - if I was going to play it on a console, it could be enough to have me trading in my boneS for a boneX. All it's doing right now is acting as a UHD player.

      I guess it just depends how late Cyberpunk comes out. If it's anywhere close in proximity to the PS5, I'll probably stick with that ecosystem with the UI that doesn't make my teeth grind and my eyes scream and try to claw their way out of my head.

        Its funny you mention that, the daily search for the TV & Video app on the PS4 drives me balmy (or having to go all the way to the right, just to click the Library app, to then select a game if I haven't been playing it).

        But yes, the current X1 UI could be better.

          Make the most of folders on the home screen! I lump all games into a couple of folders, one for all games, one for ones I'm currently playing, then everything else doesn't get pushed off the edge of the UI by a constant stream of games

          Oh yeah, that media douchebaggery is the ONE gripe I have about the PS offering. You can't hide their advertising bullshit off the bulk of the TV/video page and display only the apps you use. (God dammit, Sony! I am never, EVER going to download Foxtel Now, you bought-and-paid-for fuckstains, and in fact if you ever see me download that app, I want it flagged as unauthorized use and my account locked for the security breach, so how about you let me remove that filthy blight from my sight?)

          But the rest of the scrolling list, the library, the navigation between menus at different levels, the folders, etc, is all simply more intuitive, more consistent, doesn't change based on which menu you're in at the time, and just overall requires fewer inputs. Whereas the xbone bullshit is all over the shop and it's not just one little menu item with advertising garbage in it but on almost every page you need to move past. The pinning is crap, the method of purchasing/downloading/adding to library but not downloading, then playing the downloaded game/app etc is all crap, crap, crap, crap, crap. Also, it's uglier - more garish and bold. Too 'in your face' means too much psychic noise.

          UI's such a huge factor behind me not having upgraded to the boneX for the cross-platform games it'd do better. When it was just boring/shithouse exclusives (Sea of Thieves? Pah), it was a non-issue, but the games are just gonna keep on coming out... eventually critical mass will build and I'll want to switch for the framerate. The Pro will do 30 on something I really want to play, and the boneX will do 60... and I'll start needing to look into the upgrade.

          My most fervent hope is that Sony puts out an answer in power, or Microsoft's UI team gets their heads out of their own fucking asses to try breathing something other than their own nouveau-Piet-Mondrian-wannabe farts.

            Everyone views UI's differently, but I'm a little confused how Down, A - there is all your games in grid format (Library app) isn't intuitive (and faster to use to boot).

            But yeah, I still agree the latest update for X1 was almost a regression in usability. That being said, ffs Sony, I don't want endless scrolling lists.

              Oh! And laggy! In what universe is it ever acceptable for a UI to be laggy? What the hell does a UI have to load that's so much more intensive than games that it runs shittier?

                Preach on brother, you're speaking my mind. I couldn't agree more.

    But if XBox releases a Game Streaming Service... then NBN Co. would be not be wrong! All the data would be gone. 4k 144hz all that data.

    Yeah most of the games I liked the look of I'd be playing on PC or buying a PS4 for.

    It was their best in years, but that isn't saying a lot. A lot of the titles they showed that I am looking forward to are multiplatform and there is no way I am getting an Xbox if I can play them on the platforms I already have.

    Fantastic games conference, just not a fantastic xbox conference, lots to be excited about for gamers in general though

    Yeah, I don't get the hype. All their big titles were on PC, or cross platform, beyond the obvious continued milking of Halo and GoW. I still didn't see a single game worth buying an Xbox for if you didn't already have one.

    I just don't understand why everytime Microsoft acts like they've changed and they're focusing on the games, "X games, X world premieres, X exclusives" it always amounts to the only real exclusives games are Halo, Gears of War and Forza sequels. Buying off cheap Indies for launch exclusivity is just for clickbait headlines, where are the console sellers that will bring back buyers they've lost and attract new ones? Whilst Forza holds the car genre crown, Halo and Gear lost their shine sequels ago.

    It was good but the vast majority of it was multi-platform stuff. XBox get points for exceeding expectations but those expectations were that the presenters would face in the right direction, that nobody would crap their pants on stage, and that none of the trailers would be accidentally switched out for Grandma porn.

    It's nice that they're buying a few independent studios but it's not the first time they've done that and they're still in the situation they're in now where they're chasing the herd and running their franchises into the ground.

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