The Queen Of WarCraft Cosplay

Narga is one of the best cosplayers on the planet, especially when it comes to Blizzard games. This is her latest shoot, based on WarCraft's Battle for Lordaeron.

Narga is cosplaying here as the Alliance's Jaina Proudmoore, and made the entire outfit and props herself. All photos by kmitenkova.

You might remember Narga from last year's WoW gallery which featured the perfect cosplay companion: A real, superb owl. Or maybe the best damn Warhammer cosplay I've ever seen.

You can see more of Narga's cosplay at her DeviantArt page, and check out more of kmitenkova's photography at her Instagram. And while we're on the subject of WarCraft cosplay and links, Narga's husband Aoki is no slouch either.

Below are some more highlights from the Lordaeron shoot. More maps in cosplay, please.


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