The Soccer Anime That Andrés Iniesta Loves 

Late last month, it was announced that Andrés Iniesta was leaving FC Barcelona for a three-year deal with Vissel Kobe. That's exciting for J League fans, but what must have been cool for Iniesta was meeting the man responsible for his favourite anime. Again.

Image: 2ch

Yoichi Takahashi debuted his manga Captain Tsubasa back in 1981, a time when soccer didn't have a large following in Japan. It was a hit and went on to spawn several anime that were broadcasted all over the world.

"It was the anime I liked most as a kid," Iniesta said at a recent gathering to celebrate his joining Vissel. "I watched it everyday before school." As soccer site EiF points out, the show inspired a generation of players.

Iniesta has previously met Takahashi, but this was the first time he got original drawings of himself in a Vissel uniform.

Screenshot: Jリーグ公式チャンネル


    That's really cool. Captain Tsubasa also inspired me to play soccer, but sadly, I sucked. Good to see that it also served to attract kids that ended having talent.

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