We Need To Talk About The Most Awesome Moment In Voltron’s Latest Season

We Need To Talk About The Most Awesome Moment In Voltron’s Latest Season

Netflix’s Voltron: Legendary Defender has been cannily reimagining elements from the original series since its very first episode. In the show’s sixth season, there’s a moment that takes one of the original series’ coolest fights and turns it into something even more spectacular.

Keith unlocking one of the Black Lion’s hidden abilities. Image: Dreamworks (Netflix)

In the episode “Voltron vs. Voltron”, the Hagar summons a duplicate Voltron with all of the original’s abilities for King Zarkon to take on the Paladins. As Lotor’s most recent arc in Legendary Defender has come into shape, there have been signs (such as his obsession with quintessence and Altean alchemy) that the show was gearing up to recreate some form of a Voltron vs. Voltron fight.

In “All Good Things”, the specific details of the climactic moment are markedly different, but it’s just as satisfying when Lotor reveals that the fleet of Sincline ships that he and Allura engineered together are actually able to combine into a high-speed mech capable of bringing Voltron to its knees.

While Team Voltron’s taken on all sorts of baddies in the past, Lotor’s dark Voltron is one of the few that legitimately feels as though it could defeat them, and it’s that horror which makes the scene so charged.

We have an exclusive clip of the scene for those who’ve yet to watch or want to witness the majesty once more.

By the end of the sixth season, Legendary Defender feels as though it’s moved into a distinctly more serious space where fights such as these – ones that rightfully terrify the Paladins – could become a much more common part of the show. With Zarkon behind them, Team Voltron is at the top of their game, but the galaxy’s a big place and there are undoubtedly other threats out there that will push them even further in the future.


  • I wish Netflix would stop breaking this up into fake tiny “seasons” when it’s clear that they were originally planned to be proper 12-13 episode arcs. It’s not fooling anyone and the drip feed undermines it, it constantly feels like just when it’s getting interesting it’s over and we’re waiting for another 6-9 months for the rest.

    • Eh, I don’t really mind it honestly. You either wait 12 months for a full season or you get a half season every 6 months. This season actually took me by surprise, I didn’t notice it has released until I saw this article actually lol, so I went and watched it then came back to this article to make sure I didn’t run into any spoilers.

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