What Are You Playing This Long Weekend?

While most long weekends are great for smashing through longer video games, this weekend is really about seeing new ones come out.

E3 officially (but not quite) kicks off on Sunday, with EA starting things with their EA Play event. The show then takes a break until early Monday Morning Australian time, where Microsoft, Bethesda and Devolver will fill out most of the day.

So I'll be planning most of my schedule around that. Gaming-wise, because I can't play Mario Tennis Aces yet, I'll be going through a bit of Vampyr and seeing what it's like to not feed on people. Which I'll be trying to curb the urge to do as much as possible. I tend to take the Paragon-side of storylines a little too much.

In amongst all that, it'll be nice to play a bit of Overwatch and CSGO again.

What will you be playing this long weekend?


    I'm going to focus on real world stuff this weekend, some backyard projects, possibly a jaunt to a farm to collect wood and am also taking my 5 year old to a birthday party. Not happy about the last one.

    Destiny tomoz. Pinball comp on Sunday. Forza monday. Ribs and wings in between!

    I got excited thinking I'd forgotten about a public holiday but then I remembered I'm in Queensland and that Queen now has her birthday in October... Why can't I have two birthdays too?
    As for games I'm going platformer and working my way through Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon and then diving into either Iconoclasts or the Mega Man Legacy Collections.

    On my non-long weekend I'll be playing, and hopefully eventually wrapping up, Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus

    Have heard good things about Vampyr's choice and consequences which is very much my shit, so I'll grab it on my way home.

    I've just started the new God of War and while I've only played about 2 hours, so far I'm loving it. Can't wait to take a deep dive into it this weekend!

    Also working my way through Secret of Mana on my mini-SNES :)

    Destiny, MonHun... try (again) to find some time to finish Detroit.

    I finally finished Fallout 4 last week and have now gone back to finish Just Cause 3 (somewhat appropriate given the leaked announcement of Just Cause 4).

    Must say, it's running a whole lot better on my Xbox One X, no more framerate issues! I played the first half on my original XBONE.

    Living Dad of War at the moment. What a brilliant game. Playing that as much as possible.

    Got my platinum for Detroit. Got my platinum for LittleBigPlanet 3. Now free to run the rooftops of Glass with Faith in Mirror's Edge Catalyst. Runner Vision is infuriating me what with leading me astray when I have a time limit. Still a very enjoyable game. Not great acting from Faye Kingslee unfortunately (at least so far) but Jim Pirri is good as Noah.

    Might get into Trails in the Skye 3rd and see what Father Kevin gets up to!

    Homeworld Remastered for me when I can find time for it around the household projects and 1 year old terror demon spawn offspring of mine.

    No Queensland holiday... May try Xcom 2 and see how that goes. Maybe play a few rounds of Friday the 13th which is pretty good when you get into a decent lobby.

    Play? No time to play! Oz Comic Con is on this weekend, then there's this little thing called E3 which requires some early wake up times to watch press briefings (which I then have to recap and report on a website). so no time for playing games this weekend.

    It’s the pirates life for me this weekend! Assassin’s Creed Black Flag

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    God of War. At about the 30 hour mark..

    Also taking my daughter to ComicCon (Melb.) on Sunday...always fun.

    Grabbed Resident Evil Revelations 2 for Switch last night. I intend to spend the entire weekend playing raid mode.

    Bit of Post Scriptum, dunno, feeling real FLAT this week, probably should have bought some beer to help forget it all. (or in my case, beer helps me remember, fml)

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