What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I'll be flying to Taipei - tonight, in fact - so while my weekend won't be occupied with a whole lot of video games, there's something I'm keen to try nonetheless.

The online tournament for Mario Tennis Aces kicks up this weekend, running from midnight Saturday to 0900 AEST on Monday. It doesn't have Waluigi, which is a mistake, but you can play as Yoshi, Bowser, Peach and Mario at the very least.

It'll be nice to get a gauge of the game's flow and the timing, if nothing else. Plus, it'll be fun to see what it's like to play on the Switch in another country again (with what little time I have, anyway).

Beyond that, it'll be mostly reading books and prepping for Computex next week. But what about you - what are you playing this weekend?


    DOS 2 Lone Wolf build and some more Hat Mario for me.
    Enjoy Taipei Alex!

    Going to get some more endings in Detroit and do a multiplayer run through LittleBigPlanet 3.

    I started Detroit during the week, so I'm planning on continuing with it. In spite of some negative reviews, I'm enjoying it!

      It is genuinely an awesome experience. People giving it negative reviews are crazy!

    Still working through Dad of War. Loooooving it.

    So many games backing up on my to-play list - FC5, Detroit, Prey...

    I will be probably be playing Battletech mainly - really enjoying it so far, just got my first assault mech! Mixing in a little far cry 5 and possibly some Escape from Tarkov on Saturday evening.

      What assault mech did you get?

        The Stalker - so an entry level assault mech! But I am going to start taking on some 4.5 skull missions and hopefully expand my repertoire!

      Just finished bt the other day with a filthy Atlas salvage that laughed off the final missions. Its a shame there isn't anything interesting after the final mission apart from reputation raising.

      Also just uninstalled EFT after a string of getting jipped (speed hackers and desync).

        Sounds deadly! I have found it to be getting a little easy as I progress more, I am thinking of using only stock load outs for all of my mechs from now on, to make it a bit more challenging. My lance can feel a little OP at times - I have one mech with 3x LRM15+++ (Orion) one with 2x LRM20+++ and the stalker I mentioned with 5 or 6x SRM6+++. Along with all the other weapons, it makes mince meat of just about everything I have come up against so far

    Hoping to start my 2nd run of Nier Automata. The hacking seems interesting and hopefully enough of a difference to make me not regret this.

    Will also be trying Mario Tennis Aces, though I don't see myself buying it.

    On top of that, some Destiny, prob get back into Wolf2 The New Colossus, and probably a whole bunch of Netflix

    Probably mostly just chillin' and killin' in Titan Quest on console though I feel like getting comfy with a little Stardew Valley as well at some point.

    I'll be playing the Mario Tennis Aces Pre-Launch Online Tournament this weekend because playing against other players should be fun before I hit the tennis court before I do Adventure Mode and hopefully unlock some new characters and new costumes because with Mario Tennis Aces coming out on June 22 for the Nintendo Switch my Mario Tennis journey will still continue before I get my hands on Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy for the Nintendo Switch at the end of this month.

    I'll be trying to finish Detroit between bouts of Monster Hunter and Destiny. Looking forward to having a go at hunting Lunastra; the 15min arena mission was terrifying.

    Need to get two more elder souls in DS1r, finish writing our Battletech aToW one shot and thenget back into practicing Siege for the new season.

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