What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Apart from the hours I’ll be binning with Tegan playing with the random street cats that have been nesting nearby, I’ll also be doing a lot of this on the weekend: Who’s a pretty dinosaur?

I’m talking Jurassic World: Evolution of course, the latest sandbox-management game from the makers of Planet Coaster. What I’ve seen so far has been less about sandbox building and more about juggling all the various things that go wrong – disasters, nuisance raptors breaking through fences, Daddy T-Rex going for a wander and snacking on nearby park attendees. That sort of thing.

I liked Planet Coaster a lot, and especially all the nutty things people built with it, so I’m keen to see how JWE turns out.

Beyond that, I’ll be catching up with some friends and hoping – finally – that this dry cough I’ve had for a fortnight buggers off. Fingers crossed.

What will you be playing this weekend?


  • I waited patiently for hollow knight, so ima smash into that all weekend.

    Also the new splatoon expansion.

  • Unravel 2, baby! With the kids.

    Doing a survival run through Left Behind and wondering if I should replay the original game, but…

    Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. I have a yearning to continue Faith’s adventure and do some mad free-running.

    Maybe also some Magic The Gathering Duals of the Planeswalkers (2011) on PS3 but also some real life circa Revised Edition with kids (teaching them to play).

    • I’m actually listening to the soundtrack to ME:Catalyst as we speak [it’s over 5 hours long and is amazing work background music]. But the game is phenomenal. Unshackle yourself from expectations based on the previous game, and enjoy it for the new experience that it is and you will love it [I hope] :p

      I played left behind relatively recently, and have had TLoU sitting in my replay queue for ages. Problem is so much new stuff to get through first! Unravel 1, to begin with!

  • Got Black Ops 3 off PS+ so I’ll probably have a look at that (and probably delete it soon after :P).

  • I’ll be finishing off Iconoclasts and then probably jumping into some Diablo 3 for season 14 which starts this weekend.

    • How is iconoclasts? It’s on my wishlist and I’ve been eyeing it off for ages. I just wonder how much is it leveraging nostalgia, and how much of it is genuinely a new, fun experience?

      • Mixed very mixed.

        There still a lot of graphic bugs, invisible enemies, weird camera angles, and players on 10series nVidia like myself do suffer from a glitch in heavily crowded rooms the game turning stop motion.

        Other polishing like when you walk behind a post it disappears gradually so you can see behind, but the entire post disappears so you often get stuck behind objects you can see.
        There’s loads of tutorials but a lot are missing vital game play info like hotkeys and commands to do certain things, I had to google how to do something to finish a mission.

        Balancing is still and issue, you can blitz a level and then get to one of the several bosses and after defeating everything so easily, you literally cannot dent the boss. One I cam across could regenerate health faster than I could damage it.

        The dev’s in the forums don’t seem to care to much, the moderators are great, but last night they went down for maintenance, if you had the chat window open you got a 15minute warning, those who didn’t, just were booted out of the game with out knowing what was happening. The dev’s response was they told people in the forums and on twitter so if you didn’t know tough luck. Not the greatest support when it is an actual issue that effects game play.

        My feeling is it should have waited just that bit longer in early access, it’s so close but not quite there.

  • Lego The Incredibles!!! Lego games are my gaming equivalent of comfort food and I’m super keen after watching Incredibles on Wednesday night and Incredibles 2 last night!

    Also Skyrim has sucked me back in so I’ll be playing that too.

  • Getting back to Quake 2 and Quake 4 with a HD+Full3D mod on the former and a HD mod on the latter. And watching RWBY vol5.

  • If I have a chance I’d love to play some more God Of War. Probably will end up being another week of no gaming 🙁

  • Got Detroit purchased and downloaded last night, so hopefully I’ll be able to sink some decent time into that. Also maybe some more neverwinter nights.

    • When you’ve had a chance to get right into it, let us know how you’re finding Detroit. I’m very keen to play it one day but can’t justify paying full price for a game that isn’t particularly long.

  • MGS:V Ground Zero is next on my list. Punched though Phantom Pain last night… Not convinced yet that this will be my sort of game, but keen for a look.

  • The usual bunch – Overwatch, ESO, World of Tanks, Heroes of the Storm & Hearthstone – but also Fallout Shelter which has got its hooks back into me again!

  • Started playing Stardew Valley multiplayer with my 5yr old son last weekend…he’s been nuts about it since, even watching youtubers for “ideas”. So no doubt I’ll be playing it with him again this weekend.
    Naturally after playing the game with him it’s re-ignited my desire to min-max the hell out of it so I’ve been spending many hours in a solo game again….which will continue through the weekend.

  • The game of life for me. Got a to do list a mile long, but at least one item on that list is something worth celebrating. Getting my hands on the Lego UCS Falcon. Been after it for over a year and finally should have it in my hands tomorrow.

    Apart from life stuff, I’m working through Homeworld Remastered. Nearly finished Homeworld 1 and looking forward to moving on to Homeworld 2.

  • Paladins and Fortnite on the Switch, yo. So excited for some multiplayer action while lying in bed. (INSERT SEX JOKE) 🙂

  • Probably some Dominion! Me and fiancee have almost every expansion now. Can’t get enough of that.

    Otherwise I might work on some more Binding of Isaac achievements.

  • Verrrry close to completing the main story in God of War, so that. Next up – keen to check out Moss on PSVR & Detroit.

  • Little bit of hooning about in Destiny 2 with friends, or maybe, now the faction rally is over, it’ll be back to Monster Hunter World… @os42 what say you?

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