What Are You Playing This Weekend?

The weekend is a wonderful time to catch up with friends. But does that mean you can't squeeze in some gaming at the same time? Of course not.

I'll be spending some time exploring the online modes for Mario Tennis Aces, and hopefully having a bit of a knock around with some friends in local multiplayer as well. Nothing like cramping in your wrist before having a quiet drink, right?

Beyond that, it'll be spending a bit of time with Overwatch and Jurassic World: Evolution, coralling little dinosaurs from one pen to another. And praying they don't eat each other.

What are you playing this weekend?


    Doing some multiplayer with the lads this weekend. Monopoly, Borderlands 2, Until Dawn etc.

    Other than that, I finished Mirror's Edge Catalyst (love it!) and am now doing side missions, collectibles and dashes (time trials).

    Brushing up on my Mahjong with a mobile app.

    Grinding spouses in Dynasty Warriors Next (about 20-30 to go).

    The weekend is a wonderful time to catch up with friends. But does that mean you can't squeeze in some gaming at the same time?I thought they were one and the same. It's always fun to spend a weekend palling around with Mario, Lara, Jak, Dante, etc.

    This weekend I'll be mostly working on Diablo 3 seasonal goals though I have some demos to catch up on so I may spend some time with those instead.

      What did you pick for your seasonal playthrough?

        Went with Necromancer as I had a lot of fun playing one the season they first came out. Corpse lance absolutely wrecks everything and stacking health drain abilities and runes means you can heal tank quite effectively.

          Yeah Necro definitely has some sweet mechanics, pretty darn OP especially the Tragouls Blood mages :P quite fun.

    Probably playing Beyblades with my daughter. For some reason she is hooked.

    Minecraft better together update is on the Switch now, so I'll be firing that up with the kids.

    Also just grabbed Objects in Space.

    Catching up with friends, online, playing games.

    *cue small Mexican girl suggesting "Why not both?"*

    hmmmm. probably some mario kart 8 with the fam on wii u, maybe some GTA5 - hopefully with friends, if not, then ill play single player. some marvel future fight. that will probably cover it.

    I'm about 3-4 missions into Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. I was a bit apprehensive at first as I thought the first level was horrible and the corny Japanese style cut scenes aren't really to my liking. Once I finally got through all the intro's and into the meat of the game, I'm now starting to enjoy it.

    Also just picked up Forza Horizon 3 to play with my mates online, which is quite a bit of fun. It looks stunning in 4k on my Xbox One X.

    Apart from those 2 games, I might play a bit of Lego: Star Wars with my boy.

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      I thought ground zeroes was just one level?? The prologue to msg v?

        Sorry, it is Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, not Ground Zeroes.

    Grabbed Splatoon 2 last weekend. It'll be my jam for a while, before I get stuck back into BotW.

    With the Steam sales I'm going to pull 3 titles tonight to get started on...while trying to finish Homeworld Remastered and build my UCS Millennium Falcon

    More final fantasy 14 methinks, levelling a new character and made 50 dragoon last night, want to get bard up as well.

      Also going to maybe get some painting done, have a Lord Kroak ready to be assembled.

    Thought I was nearing done with GOW but got sidetracked lighting the Valkyerie fires last weekend in Midgard, so yeah, I think Ill plough through to the endgame tonight.

    South Park - The Fractured But Whole is on sale in the Switch Eshop, so I guess it's time to spend those gold coins I've been saving. ^^

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    Gotta grind up some levels in Battle Chasers so I can keep streaming it next week.

    Also likely to spend time with World of Warcraft as it's having a free weekend where you can play unrestricted if you ever had a subscription in the past.

    I will continue playing thru Mario and Rabids on Switch, the game is still charming the pants off of me. The colour, the stupid humour, the weapons - I love it all. Sometimes the % on shots or angles of attack seem off somehow, but likely that's probably just my perception cos I'm a bit shit at these sort of games generally!

    When I get tired of the turn based shooty, I'll switch ( get it ? ), over to Hollow Knight which I bought - for a genuinely reasonable fee might I add, for once - as soon as I heard the e3 announcement that the port was finally ready. I think it's great but have gotten a little lost in some mushroom caves after beating the first two bosses and don't even know if it's where I should be...it's all quite Dark Souls really.

    And then I'll probably play more of Destiny 2 more than either of those even though I won't intend to. But my brother always pulls me back into it for expansions as it's all he has the time to play some of each week. And warmind has got some decent meat on its bones this time, relatively speaking, and once you factor in the mostly all positive tweaks made to the general game play , the exotic weapons, the strike difficulty etc. it just feels pretty good to play right now. Bungie are dodgy as fuck, but I can't argue with the amount of hours i have derived from their products.

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