What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Sometimes, you just want to herd cats.

That's what the experience of Jurassic World: Evolution can be like, managing pesky dinosaurs as they break a fence from one pen and start wrecking shit in another dino's playpen. It's a management sim at heart, although the kind of management where you're deciding which balls in the air you're happy dropping first.

I suppose you could not drop any of them, of course, but then you would be much better at this game than me.

Beyond that, I'll be catching up with some friends and spending some time Doing Stuff With Food. There's a great foodies market at a public school on the weekends, and you can be bloody sure I will not be passing up the chance to have a nice, warm pot of slow-roasted lamb shoulder with gravy, peas and some sweet, sweet mash.

But what are you playing this weekend?


    God of War as soon as the baby sleeps!

      Struggling to find time to be a good parent because your too busy being a good parent!

      I hear ya though, my little poop goblin just hit the sleep regression stage.
      Who ever designed that needs to be shot.

        Sleep regression is a horrible time. Oh are you getting used to a full nights sleep. Time to keep you on your toes

          Gonna snap next time somebody says, "You wouldn't change it for the world though"

          Oh hell no, if the worlds on offer I'm gonna tweak a few bloody thing, like frantic sleep patterns and exploding poop's, you can bloody count on that.

    Might swing by the w of bigness and finally pick up wolvenstein 2. Should be a fun romp.

    Also tossing up on whether to get mario tennis. I'm more of a strikers fan, but it's hard to pass up finally playing as chain chomp.

    Should time allow, I'm thinking some more Cities: Skylines since I got some extra expansions during the recent Steam sale.

    Mirror's Edge Catalyst - doing some dashes and collecting. Might finish the side missions.

    Blood Bowl 2 - playing through the campaign. The AI is just as awful (if not worse) than it was in the original game.

    Dynasty Warriors Next - just started the second last faction of spouse grinding (Jin). Only got Lu Bu's faction after that and I think I'll give up on the game. Still can't get the damned bear-riders sudden event successful.

    Unravel 2 - with the kids. They love it (and I kind of do as well). Hasn't got the story of the first one, but the co-op is fun, and not too hard for kids.

    Trails in the Sky 3rd - started on PC recently. Father Kevin is proving as charming as ever, at least until I meet a certain prince...

    MTG Duels of the Planeswalkers (2010) - played through the campaign already and am unlocking cards for the various decks.

      Do you play the table top Bloodbowl at all?

        Yeah mate, got Orcs, Humans and Wood Elves painted, with Dark Elves (slowly slowly) being painted at the moment. What about yourself?

          Awesome!! I don't have BB (yet) but have just started painting some 40k and Age of Sigmar dudes. Definitely will be picking up Bloodbowl from Mighty Ape - I played a few games as a kid waaaay back in the day. Finding the painting very relaxing - thank god for YT tutorials!!!

    Picked up Moss on PSVR this week. What an experience! Been playing with a huge grin like a 12 yo kid again. Certainly a watershed moment for VR in my opinion. The AI of Quill is awesome So yeah, will probably finish off that.

    I'm having a weekend off. Backyard plans can wait another week. Think I'll stay off the games as well, don't have a whole heap to play my "buy whatever I want" fund is down due to a tat I'm getting next month.

    Totally going to sleep in, make eggs benedict and read and chill.

    My wife has completely booked up this weekend with stuff, so I'll have to adult.

      Ahhhh adulting. Going without sleep to get some gaming time in

    Farcry 5 - killed the drug lady and now choosing which of the other 2 to go after next.
    Allready bored of the game to be honest...

    Enjoying the new matchmaking system in overwatch, will probably give that a good go.
    Might even hook up my mic and try to lifecoach / lead a team

    Might restart Witcher 3. Last play through was a year and a half ago.

    Also Just Cause 3, which I just bought this Steam sale.

    Downloaded Captain Spirit last night but only had a quick look at it, so I'll probably try to get through that. *Prepares tear ducts

    Running through the ranks to get the Sunshot catalyst in Destiny, then probably back to my modded Minecraft save - I started a Sevtech Ages playthrough a couple of weeks back that has been really interesting (aside from a memory leak that I'm hoping they fix soon).

    God of War. Definitely my GOTY this far. The Valkyrie fights give me life :)

      Really? I die in two hits... Not for us button mashers

        I started out that way. Now I have a checklist:

        Bring a rage-y resurrection stone
        Toggle your runics
        Figure out which attacks can be blocked
        Fire arrows when they’re in the air
        Run, or roll. No walking.

        3 down, 4 to go :3

    Horizon Zero Dawn! Going to try and get further through it. I've done all the side quests from the eastern and south western portions of the map so I'm finally traipsing through the story. I have God of War on the way too, so I'm trying to get HZD done before it arrives.

    Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare...and drinking beer and eating somethings greasy.

    Playing through Fallout 4 a second time to get myself in the mood for Fallout 76. Going to go full Brotherhood of Steel as I went full Institute synth killer last time.

    I'll be playing Glow season 2; as in, hitting play and then sitting back and enjoying the women's wrestling goodness. It's like playing a walking simulator, without all that pesky walking.

    On top of that I picked up Arkham Origins this week on cheap, might give that a go. Have done all the other titles but skipped this one.

    All Lumines, all the time, unless I'm watching SGDQ.

    Oops post fail
    Well I played some mount and blade in the end

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