What Game Do You Most Want Remastered?

What Game Do You Most Want Remastered?
Image: Square Enix

E3 is almost here and if there’s one thing we can count on, it’s that a number of the games announced this year will be remakes, remasters and reboots of old games. So what game do you really want to be next up on the remake block?

For me, there’s only one real answer: Star Wars Episode 1: Racer, AKA Podracer.

Revisiting The Best Thing That Came Out Of The Phantom Menace

Yes, I'm talking about Star Wars Episode I. Racer, the game that took one of the most pointless scenes in any Star Wars film and turned it into an incredibly successful racing game on PC and the Nintendo 64. With all the Star Wars excitement I recently decided to go back and watch the prequels again. They were just as bad as I remembered, though it did inspire me to dig out my dusty N64 and rediscover what made this game great.

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Just imagine this incredible high-speed racing game in HD! Imagine what could be done with all the alien planets and gorgeous environments. You could even get rid of whiny baby Anakin and call it an improvement!


  • The original Deus Ex would do well with an engine upgrade and better graphics. No other changes needed, audio and music are still superb.

  • Between the movie reboots and the already expanding list of remasters, or the same style of games done over and over, GameXYZ-8. I kinda want none to be remastered, I want to play something new and different.

    • Like others, something new and different would be nice (at least the indy scene keeps that itch well scratched).

      But at the same time, one has to be careful with what one wishes for.

      There are new ideas about, look at what publishers (mainly EA and WB) have done.

      • That is true.
        Not every idea succeeds either, which is why we get so many reboots.
        A new tittle is a gamble whether it will work or not, a reboot there is at least some guaranteed bank from fans of the originals.
        It’s probably why I have been straying to a lot of indie games the last few years, they don’t care as much about maximising revenue and try more to make a good experience.

        Remastering has its own issues as well, what are the remastering? just graphical tweaks or are the updating game play or engine mechanics.
        Darksouls remaster is one I am avoiding at the moment, I was burned by the original PC port which was terrible and a lot of reviewers are saying the problems I experienced aren’t fixed in the remaster.

  • I’m thinking SimTower.

    While there is Project Highrise and itself has some improvements (like how I can manage more than one tower), it’s still no replacement for good old SimTower.

    I do feel there is a need to have to SimTower like how Cities: Skylines is to SimCity.

    • I felt Fallout Shelter was a symbolic remaster of SimTower myself. Seeing how well that worked though, I can see an updated SimTower working on at least the mobile/casual level. Maybe not a fullblown release like the orig though.

        • OK. Truth be told, I only know of it because Sterling covered it the other day.

          Might give the games a try if I can find them on sale because (no other way to put it) I don’t have anything that can be considered as skill.

          I mostly keep to games like SimCity and Myst which (at the risk of being chased out of here) require virtually no skill to play and just some creative thinking.

          • Why is it a joke? If they had changed anything too much, purists would complain. The QoL fixes are excellent and the frame rate and draw distance is excellent. The revitalized online experience is worth the price alone for those that missed out originally.

          • Except they did lazy things like include bugs that were patched in later versions. Included very limited graphical options when compared to 2 and 3. And multilayer atm has hackers running wild.

            You’re right… Thats not really funny at all

          • You’ll have to be specific here. I’m still yet to encounter hackers and I’ve put in a hefty chunk of time. I do believe they should have gotten chest detection sorted but what bugs are you upset about?

        • @Transientmind

          Really? You don’t even defend it, you just downvote me. It has still got seriously bs bugs and security flaws that plagued the original game. You can still get other players banned by casting custom curses on players that effect stats that has no negative recourse for you because they game does not detect items used, only stat mods. There are still areas you can easily glitch through the map on and enemy pathing is still atrocious with boss enemies like the hydra still getting stuck outside of melee range.

  • The entire X-wing and TIE series would be a good start. Give it to Criterion and you have a seller on your hands right there. I’d sell my firstborn to get a chance to play those games in HD

  • since we got AoE 2, I think it’s a toss up between Dune 2000 or Warcraft III

    I’m leaning to Dune 2000 because boy we haven’t had good Dune game since (well I suppose Emperor was “ok”)

  • Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 Switch Remaster Bundle
    Metroid Prime Trilogy Switch Remaster Bundle
    Xenoblade 1 remaster.
    Demons Souls remaster.

  • gonna show my age here (maybe?)

    vagrant story
    silent hill
    plus most of those side-scrollers from the old apogee days

  • Vandal Hearts. Cmon Konami do the right thing and port this to current consoles/pc.

    Still one of my favourite games ever.

  • Little Big Adventure, Vagrant Story and Solar Winds are some of the top games I’d like to see redone with modern technology and design.

  • The Mass Effect Trilogy!!! Let me play it on the PS4, pleeeeease EA. Remaking the first one would be nice too

  • Two words: DINO CRISIS
    Imagine Dino Crisis, the original and not any of the sequels, getting a HD remake in the same vein as Resident Evil. So not only do you get those nice shiny HD graphics, but a better story, more tense sequences for horror, and the surround sound that’ll keep you on your toes as that T-Rex chases you down… Mmmm lovely.

    • Came here to post the same thing. It’s a crime that there isn’t even a port of this game to any recent system.

  • Knight of the fucking old republic 1&2
    (would settle for a 3rd, not that mmorpg crap)
    Metal gear solid 1
    Alpha Protocol (one of my favourite games)
    Final Fantasy 8
    Those and Mass effect have been a bug chunk of my gaming life 100s of hours poured into each of those games.

  • I would like to see Battlefield Bad Company 1 and 2 remastered but I doubt that will ever happen.

  • Fallouts 1 & 2

    Leave everything the same – iso view, system, everything – but give it spanky new graphics ala DOS2.

  • Some great ideas here.
    I’d like to see:
    Star Wars TIE Fighter
    TES Morrowind

    And more of a reimagining than a remaster of Star Wars Rebellion

  • Team Fortress 2

    People are still playing this game yes, but god knows the networking and UI for this game are in desperate need of updating to modern systems. Good chance to purge certain items from the game too :p

  • Demon Souls. Would love that with a modern quality of life updates from Bloodborne. That is the boring answer.

    The nostalgic answer would be Laser Squad. None of this X-Com baggage. Just pure old school. Also Sensible Soccer since we are at it.

  • Persona 3 FES. Include the FeMC route and direct control from P3P, all the original cutscenes, tweak The Answer to play better, and it’ll be bliss

    X-Wing/TIE Fighter. Because we need space fighter games back. Scam Citizen doesn’t count

    Deus Ex. I shouldn’t need to explain why

    Morrowind. Given the way they’ve been going Bethesda would dumb it down beyond all recognition though.

    Heretic. If DOOM 2016 is anything to go by, this would rock.

  • TIE Fighter with the expansions of course.
    Don’t change the game itself, just add a graphics and sound modernization and you are done. Easy peasy.

  • Lord of the Rings Two Towers and Return of the King as a bundle.
    Star Wars Jedi Knight Series…Academy would be wild as a remaster.
    Star Wars Rogue Squadron Trilogy < was going to be released a while ago but never happened
    Heretic II < this was a great adventure game
    XIII < Cel shaded shooter…was great.

    They would have to be my top picks…put so many hours into all those games and the multiplayer for JK series had a great community. We need some good Star Wars games shame EA has done absolute nothing with the license.

  • Xenogears… with a proper second disk, and more fully fleshed out character arcs as some were a bit rushed or incomplete.

    Final Fantasy Tactics would be great too.

  • Sky Odyssey (2000)
    Playstation 2
    Developer: Cross

    Simply the finest aircraft flight based game of all time.

  • Now dont freak out but what we need remastered is the oldest game

    We need a geometry wars style remake of PONG!

  • Morrowind
    Final Fantasy VII/VIII
    Might and Magic: World of Been

    Don’t screw with the gameplay just update the graphics and make the UI modern and we’re set.

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